Tip Tuesday: New Starbucks Drink Option

I like going to Starbucks as much as the next white girl in Ugg boots, but with that being said, I’m not obsessed with it. In fact, I rarely get one of the oh so popular frappacino, machiatto,¬†latte,¬†blah blah.

My drink of choice might sound a bit strange, but trust me, give it a try.

I order a Steamed Milk with Caramel. WHAT?! No she didn’t. Take back her Ugg boots.


Here me out, first of all, the reason I started drinking it was because I used to only go to Starbucks at night and I didn’t want caffeine to keep me up all night. Let’s face it, hot milk is great for going to bed.

The caramel aspect gives it that Starbucks-esque type flavouring, and the steamed milk adds a delicious nutty flavour. So it’s a great option for getting the Starbucks feel, without all the caffeine!

DOUBLE TIP: It is an awesome alternative for pregnant women! Caffeine is not a friend of the soon to be mama, but it is a hard thing to cut back on. So, this is a really good option to give the illusion that you’re still getting your drink from your local Starbucks without all the nonsense that you don’t need!

Favorites Friday: Starbucks Drink


Like most people in this world, I love me some starbucks. While a macchiato or a frappuccino are delish, my favorite drink is one that puts me to bed.

Steamed milk. Yum. If I’m craving steamed milk (like I was today), but don’t want to fall asleep (at work) I add a shot of caramel. That little bit of sugar goes a long way!

Try it out- I bet you’ll love it!

What are your favorite drinks at Starbucks?