The 31 Days of October: Day 11: Werewolf Soap

The only soap I ever use is from the Etsy shop Lippincott Soap Co.They make the best cold process soap you can imagine. They do not have your typical flavors, everything is very unique and AMAZING.One of my favorite soaps, that I am using right now is called Werewolf Soap. It has an amazing manly smell- but not overpowering. Continue reading

Favorites Friday: Birch Bark Soap

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am a scent addict. I love soaps, candles, etc. etc.One of my original “Favorites Friday” post was Mermaid Soap by Lippincott Soap Factory, and it is amazing.I continue to try soaps from this amazing company, and I have found another that I love equally as much as the mermaid soap. This soap is called “Birch Bark,” and yes that is exactly what it smells like.It is unbelievable and I can’t stop using it- seriously I have become addicted. Continue reading

Favorites Friday: Mermaid Soap

I am a scent addict! Whether it is soap, perfume, candles- you name it I love it. I am always trying to find new soaps that I like instead of the generic drug store brands.

Right now, my all time favourtie soap is Mermaid Handcrafted Soap with Dead Seasalt by Lippincott Soap Company off of Etsy. ( Continue reading