Shrimp Boil Packets on the BBQ!

Last night we decided we really wanted to try and do our own shrimp boil! Yum right?! BUT instead of doing it the traditional way in a big ol’ pot, we opted for the grill.

I am happy to say it turned out AWESOME. We did it in two separate batches, just so that we could tweak the second batch as it was a learning experience and our first experiment!


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Tip Tuesday: Salad Dressing as Marinade


Something that seems to be an arch nemesis of all at home cooks is chicken. It’s boring. Right? Really, it is something that most families eat a few times a week because it is affordable, a good source of protein and its easy in terms of actually cooking it.

It is really difficult to come up with new creative chicken ideas- especially ones that don’t make your chicken dry. In the last 6 months or so, Tyler has been set on eating chicken as much as we can…like…Monday-Thursday. No boy, no. But, with that being said I have incorporated it more. I don’t really know why he wants to eat so much chicken. Gains, or some bologna? I don’t know. But either way, I had to force myself to come up with some new chicken dishes and expand my repertoire.

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