Gender Reveal Ideas

I was inspired by the great gender reveal party we had to come up with some other ideas. So I thought of some fresh ideas for the traditionalist that loves the baby pink and blue, the gender neutral colour fanatic and team boy or girl party planners!

I am a firm believer that tacky does not have a place in this world. So even if you’re doing a theme that can sometimes come off as tacky, do it with a little bit of elegance and it will just come across as beautiful.

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Kim Kardashian: Pregnancy Style

Now that Kim Kardashian is no longer pregnant I thought this would be a great opportunity to look back at her maternity style. Kim has been getting such a hassle over her weight gain. She is constantly being called fat, or a whale, which I think is just disgusting- you should never call a pregnant woman fat.

I personally think Kim Kardashian was beautiful pregnant. She didn’t shy away from the fashion world and really embraced her “bump.” Here are my favorite looks from Kim’s pregnancy:

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