Favourite Friday: Vaseline Aloe Soothe


I have never really been that person who burns in the sun easily- thank you Italian roots- but, ever since moving to a far more sunnier destination, I am more prone to the red skin!

The first time I had a really horrible sun burn was a year ago on the Fourth of July. I guess between the jell-o shots and endless Corona’s, I didn’t really realize my skin literally sizzling away in the sun.

I am extremely into skincare (hence my distributorship with NuCerity International for the past 3 years), and I firmly believe that if you take care of your skin, you will age more gracefully. Not to mention skin health and taking precautionary measures is very important when living in a sunny climate as melanoma is a very real thing.

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NuCerity International: Catch the Wave Confrence

This past weekend the company that I am an independent distributor for had their world conference in none other than sunny San Diego! What are the chances right?

I was so excited since this was my very first conference after being with the company for a few years. My aunt, other distributors from Sudbury and the rest of our team from around Canada and different parts of the world flew down for the 3 day long conference.

Honestly, it by past by expectations by a landslide. First of all, I had the best time ever. It was such a blast to be in a room with so many like-minded, passionate people. Second, I learnt so much and was constantly surprised by new information this company was giving us that I filled a notebook with useful info and tips. Third, they had a guest speaker, Jack Canfield founder and collaborator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books and wow…this guy knows what he is talking about. His messages about law of attraction and the power of positive thinking really come into perspective when you’re in a business like this.

I felt like I had so much to say about this conference, but my mind is going a mile a minute reminiscing back to how great it was. Here are just a few…several…pictures from my weekend!




NuCerity: Creating Beautiful Lives

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Important and Valuable Information


I recently learnt something I truly did not know, and thought it should be shared with all women (and men!)

Most anti-agent products have an ingredient in them, that legally does not need to be listed on the ingredients due to shocking loop holes- that being that they are “trade secrets.”

These ingredients cause an unbalanced level of hormones in a body which leads to cancer, especially breast cancer.

Skincerity has been tested and it 150% does not carry this harmful ingredient. This is HUGE and is something that people need to pay attention to.

October is breast cancer month and every bit of preventative information helps.

Be smart, stop using these products and try something that is clinically tested and proven to be safe of harmful toxins.

To buy an amazing and SAFE product go here.

To become an influential distributor for an amazing product, and help change lives e-mail: lindsay.primeau@hotmail.ca

My Nucerity Story


I have been an independent distributor with the amazing international company Nucerity for just over a year now. Although, I only started to work my business about 5 months ago.

I love this business, the people behind it, the product and better yet what this opportunity has done for me, and what it will do for me in the future.

I thought it would be interesting to tell my story of how I got involved in the company.

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Tip Tuesday: Become (even more) successful

Hi all!

Please note this right away- I am not trying to sell you anything, except a better life.

I started with the company Nucerity just over a year ago. Originally my intent was to become a distributor solely to get the products at a distributors price- because I loved them so much.

As months went on, I was enjoying the distributor discount on all of my products, and thought I can’t possibly work this business being a full time student, and having a full time job and having a life of my own- not possible.

Eventually my aunt (who is also a distributor, and was basically doing the same thing I was) said we can work this business- lets learn. So with her busy schedule of having a full time job, being a single mom and the fact that she just bought her own home and my hectic schedule we put an hour aside a day to talk to a successful distributor in our area and see if we can do this.

Yeah. We could. This woman was so successful, she is a full time nurse, a single mom, has another company and is on the board of Nucerity because she is so successful and involved.

Basically what she told us was that Nucerity can work with your schedule, and your lifestyle. You can work as little or a much of this business as your desire (depending on how much you want to make etc.)So now, months later I am happier than ever that I came to this realization. This company is not a nuisance what so ever in my life. I work it in 10 minutes here or there (like now! I am working it while writing this post) and it is so easy. The best part about it? You don’t have to be an expert…the products are amazing and speak for themselves.

This international company is called Nucerity (http://nucerity.net/) and the main flagship product that the company can survive off of is called Skincerity. Have a skin problem? Here is your solution. I promise. Personally, my acne was cleared in 3 weeks, my grandfathers age spots were cleared in THREE DAYS etc. etc. It is a miracle product that speaks for itself that the entire company can succeed on alone. The other products (5 starting in September) were added to the company as extra bonus to sell, and they are just as amazing as the main product

.http://www.mynucerity.com/lindsayprimeau/ for purchase of products.

If you fit any of the following categories, Nucerity is for you:

-Want to earn residual income…
-Have or know people with skin conditions
-Looking for a life change that will give you more time with your family
-Want to earn $100 $500 $1000 – $10,000 a week or more
-Want to own your own business

Basically the saying for Nucerity’s main product is: “Skincerity is not for everyone, just people with skin.”

I love this company and these products so much that I would love to work with people around the world and guide, mentor and train you to become a distributor and have the life you deserve.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask: lindsay.primeau@hotmail.ca

Favorites Friday: Birch Bark Soap

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am a scent addict. I love soaps, candles, etc. etc.One of my original “Favorites Friday” post was Mermaid Soap by Lippincott Soap Factory, and it is amazing.I continue to try soaps from this amazing company, and I have found another that I love equally as much as the mermaid soap. This soap is called “Birch Bark,” and yes that is exactly what it smells like.It is unbelievable and I can’t stop using it- seriously I have become addicted. Continue reading

Favorites Friday: Mermaid Soap

I am a scent addict! Whether it is soap, perfume, candles- you name it I love it. I am always trying to find new soaps that I like instead of the generic drug store brands.

Right now, my all time favourtie soap is Mermaid Handcrafted Soap with Dead Seasalt by Lippincott Soap Company off of Etsy. (http://www.etsy.com/shop/LippincottSoapCo). Continue reading