The 31 Days of October: Day 15:

This may not be exactly “Halloween” or “Fall” but I personally attribute Harry Potter to this time of year.

A shop of Etsy called Good Yarns makes your very own Ron Weasley inspired sweater. These sweaters are such a classic icon of the Harry Potter films (Mrs.Weasley makes them for her boys every Christmas).

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The 31 Days of October: Day 4: Wicked Coasters

There are a couple of things that I cannot help buying which leads to a collection. Those things are candles, soaps, pillows, blankets, pictures and coasters.How great are these Wicked coasters from the Etsy shop My Little Chick. First of all they are durable as hell- I was impressed with the weight and the material used to make them. Second, they are sophisticated, adorable, not too flashy in the sense that they say HI HALLOWEEN- they’re just right. Continue reading