Tip Tuesday: Candied Ginger

I am the type of person who takes Advil or Tylenol when I get a paper cut. I really used to take it too much, and started to  rely on it so much that it started to be ineffective.This year I have tried to eliminate the “drugs” from my life as much as possible, and replace them with natural remedies.A lot of the one’s I have found while researching have been just as effective as medicine you can buy at your pharmacy- and way better for you too!One of my favorite medicinal cures is candied ginger. Ginger is so great if you have a sore stomach, it works almost instantaneously. Often times I will put powdered ginger in my tea when I have a sore stomach (or even cramps), but I personally love to take a piece of candied ginger and suck on it for as long as possible.It is a little spicy, but you get used to it very fast…and you can actually feel the ginger soothing your stomach while sucking on it.I now keep candied ginger everywhere (bedroom, kitchen, desk at work) in case I ever have a sore stomach that I just cannot handle!!