Lindsay’s Favo(u)rite Things

Hey y’all!

I’ve decided to re-vamp, re-style and re-name my blog and this time, a novel idea, stick with it! To kick off my new blog, my first post is one of my favourite “segments.” Ever since I can remember during this time of year I have anxiously awaited “Oprah’s Favorite Things.” Whether it be an episode on her talk show or in her magazine I have always loved that she did this every year. If you live under a rock and don’t know what Oprah’s Favorite Things is, it’s a list she compiles of her favorite things throughout the year. She suggests gift ideas and shares why she loves each item. In lieu of OFT, I give you: Lindsay’s Favo(u)rite Things! A list of my must haves and great gift ideas! Enjoy! Xx

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