2016 VMA’s: Best Dressed

Unfortunately my list for best dressed at the VMA’s this year is quite short!

I’m very disappointed in the fashion choices -or lack thereof- that the stars chose to walk the red carpet in. The VMA’s are a fun show that I think should push the creative edge of fashion into a little bit of a more edgier category.

Here are the stars who did it right! :

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Mommy Monday’s: Take Home Outfit

I have been asked by about 5 different people “What are you going to take baby Grace home from the hospital in?!”, “Do you have a take home outfit yet?” etc.

I hadn’t obviously given it much thought but I figured, I probably should…she needs to come home in something right?!

Here are my tips for finding the perfect take home outfit:

  1. Remember, not many people are probably going to see this outfit.
  2. You have a newborn…put them in something comfortable. I.E.: Probably not a frilly tutu. They’re a little baby with sensitive skin, be fair!
  3. This is just a personal preference but I like classic pieces and less…tacky pieces. I am not a huge fan of take home outfits that say things like “Here I am world!” or “I’ve arrived!”
  4. Gender appropriate. Now, I know everybody thinks they have the cutest newborn in the world. Am I right? But more times than not…in the first month or so it’s hard for others to immediately identify whether or not your bouncing baby is a girl or boy. So, put them in something that’s either adorably feminine or boyishly cute! If you’re not a pink person, no worries, you don’t have to put your little girl in something that you don’t like! There are a million different colours and patterns out there that scream girl! Or, how about a precious ribbon headband?! So many options.
  5. Have them match. If you have more than one piece of your take home outfit like I do…onesie, hat and blanket, make them cohesive so that when you’re snapping pictures, your baby looks even more adorable than he or she already is!

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Wish List Wednesday: Hair Tie Bracelet


I am one of those people who ALWAYS has a hair tie on their arm. I am constantly throwing up my hair when it gets in the way of anything.

I wish I could just keep a hair tie in my purse and be contempt enough with that, but, I feel naked without one on my arm. I also hate it. I strongly dislike the way it looks. I never really thought about it until a good friend of mine pointed it out. Apparently having a hair tie on your hair is one of her biggest pet peeves. The first time she basically twitched until I took mine off my wrist and ever since then I have been super aware of the ugly black elastic that sits on my arm beside my beautiful arm jewelry. Total clash!

I came across this ingenious hair tie bracelet. These bracelets are from the company Bittersweet by Maria Shireen and the come in silver, rose gold and gold.

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Met Gala: Best Dressed

I love the annual Met Gala because the fashion theme of the night is always so extreme and unique, and it really challenges the celebs to get styled in a more daring, out of the box way than they normally would. This years theme was “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology.”

When I think of this theme I go darks and metallic. If I was there, and I wasn’t this year…invitation got lost in the mail I guess…I would have worn something edgy, tight, and showcase a lot of metallic. I also think a sleeked back pony tail would look great and a dark lipstick.

Here were my best dressed of the night:

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Oscars 2016: Best Dressed

Who loved the Oscars this year?! I did! I did! Go Leo!!!

This year, while taking a quick look at my best and worst dressed list, I am sad to say I think there are far more “worst dressed” than I have best. So, for those who did make it, bravo! I think a lot of my picks for best dressed are simple, classic styles but hey, that’s okay. It’s not called a classic for nothin’!

Here are my best dressed for the Oscars and the Vanity Fair after party:

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