Book Club: Book 1: Is Everyone Hanging Out With Me? By Mindy Kaling

So, something that I have wanted to do for a really long time was to start a book club! Realistically, it’s a hard thing to do these days, so I figured why not do an “online” version with all of you!?

I am a lover of books- anything from biographies to sci-fi all the way to the gossip girl novels…I really have no limit. It is very rare where I do not finish a book.

Basically every time I start a book I will introduce it on here, and then once I am finished with it I will review, critique and give my opinions on said book. I really hope you all join me on this fun journey! I can’t wait to hear what you think. 🙂

I am SO excited about my first choice:

Is Everyone Hanging Out With Me? (And Other Concerns) By Mindy Kaling.


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The 31 Days of October: Day 15:

This may not be exactly “Halloween” or “Fall” but I personally attribute Harry Potter to this time of year.

A shop of Etsy called Good Yarns makes your very own Ron Weasley inspired sweater. These sweaters are such a classic icon of the Harry Potter films (Mrs.Weasley makes them for her boys every Christmas).

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