Favourite Friday: Vaseline Aloe Soothe


I have never really been that person who burns in the sun easily- thank you Italian roots- but, ever since moving to a far more sunnier destination, I am more prone to the red skin!

The first time I had a really horrible sun burn was a year ago on the Fourth of July. I guess between the jell-o shots and endless Corona’s, I didn’t really realize my skin literally sizzling away in the sun.

I am extremely into skincare (hence my distributorship with NuCerity International for the past 3 years), and I firmly believe that if you take care of your skin, you will age more gracefully. Not to mention skin health and taking precautionary measures is very important when living in a sunny climate as melanoma is a very real thing.

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Mommy Monday’s: What WON’T Be On My Baby Registry

In October I will be a new mom so of course I have been exploring the world of all things baby. Let me tell you… there are too many things in that world. I was and still a little bit overwhelmed by the amount of things people tell you that you need to buy.

I have decided to make a list of the things that people have suggested I buy, that I think I just don’t need. Hey, in a few months I could be eating my words with this list. The baby is not here yet and truthfully, I don’t know what I’ll need or she’ll need or what I won’t be caught dead without. But for now, here is my list of items that I have decided to keep OFF my registry:

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Gender Reveal Ideas

I was inspired by the great gender reveal party we had to come up with some other ideas. So I thought of some fresh ideas for the traditionalist that loves the baby pink and blue, the gender neutral colour fanatic and team boy or girl party planners!

I am a firm believer that tacky does not have a place in this world. So even if you’re doing a theme that can sometimes come off as tacky, do it with a little bit of elegance and it will just come across as beautiful.

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Gender Reveal!

Living in another city, let alone another country is not the easiest of things to do. Luckily, Tyler and I have some of the best friends here in San Diego that have become our second family. Such good friends that they threw us a gender reveal party! How sweet is that?!

Our friends Danielle and Erich took on this task literally the moment I told them we were expecting, and they did not disappoint. They went above and beyond our expectations and it was such a heart warming day to be surrounded by our friends when we found out if we were having a boy or a girl. Calm down people, I’ll get to the reveal…but not until I force you to read my entire post. Muahaha.

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NuCerity International: Catch the Wave Confrence

This past weekend the company that I am an independent distributor for had their world conference in none other than sunny San Diego! What are the chances right?

I was so excited since this was my very first conference after being with the company for a few years. My aunt, other distributors from Sudbury and the rest of our team from around Canada and different parts of the world flew down for the 3 day long conference.

Honestly, it by past by expectations by a landslide. First of all, I had the best time ever. It was such a blast to be in a room with so many like-minded, passionate people. Second, I learnt so much and was constantly surprised by new information this company was giving us that I filled a notebook with useful info and tips. Third, they had a guest speaker, Jack Canfield founder and collaborator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books and wow…this guy knows what he is talking about. His messages about law of attraction and the power of positive thinking really come into perspective when you’re in a business like this.

I felt like I had so much to say about this conference, but my mind is going a mile a minute reminiscing back to how great it was. Here are just a few…several…pictures from my weekend!




NuCerity: Creating Beautiful Lives

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