Grace’s Nursery


In the next few months we will be moving to Nashville, TN, so lately we have been packing up our home and going through different rooms trying to decide what to keep, how to pack certain things etc. My most favourite room in our home is our daughter Grace’s nursery. By the time we get to Nashville Grace will almost be two years old, so I will slowly start transitioning her from a nursery to a “big girl room.” With the anticipated change in her room and the oh so sad transition from baby to toddler, I have been reflecting a lot on her room and what I have loved most about the sweet space.

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Tip Tuesday: Cleaning Upholstered Headboards

I love upholstered headboards- they look pretty and elegant. I especially love them in light neutral shades like oatmeal and beige.

One thing about these headboards (especially in the light shade) is that they are a pain to clean when dust collects on them! A simple vacuum or lint roller will simply not do the trick.

I have two great ways to get rid of dust pile up and keep your headboards looking like new!

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In Between Nursery Themes

As I anxiously await the arrival of my daughter, I have been keeping myself busy registering for fun things and planning how I will decorate her nursery!

Right now I seem to find myself in a dilemma between two nursery themes. Now, when I say theme I don’t mean a full out theme. I am really not one of those people who are into overdoing themes because lets face it, a kids mind changes in seconds and they have a new favourite thing every week. In terms of babies, you don’t even know if how you decorate their nursery will even match their style and personality.

So, when it comes to decorating I am a firm believer in subtle themes. Keep it classy.

I thought it would be fun to post my two competing themes and let y’all decide which one you like best!

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Tip Tuesday:De-shed Your Furniture!


I have a dog that sheds like crazy. If I don’t sweep every second day then I can basically make a wig out of his hair. Luckily, my mom found this amazing brush for dogs called the FURminator. It claims to be a de-shedding tool and it really does do exactly what it says it does. They’re more expensive than other dog brushes/combs but SO worth it if you have a dog that looses a lot of hair or a dog with long coats.

To get double duty de-shedding out of this bad boy, I actually use it on my furniture- mainly my couch and throw pillows. Let’s face it, if you dog sheds, it’s not just ending up on the floor…it’s everywhere. My dog’s “spot” is on the couch so it is constantly covered in his hair. Using a simple lint roller does absolutely nothing. So one day I tried his brush and within minutes my couch looked BRAND new! It catches all the hair in the little prongs. Just be careful not to go to aggressively, you don’t want to tear the fabric. PS: My friends have couches that have little grooves throughout, almost like a corduroy material and it is almost impossible for them to have a clean couch because the dog hair gets so stuck in the grooves. The FURminator worked AMAZING to collect the dog hair AND it lifted all the “balls” from wear and tear on the couch. Looked like new!

Wish List Wednesday: Hot Air Balloon Chandelier


I’m seriously in love with this hot air balloon lamp from Restoration Hardware. If we have a girl, I need it. Only problem is, it is CRAZY expensive. But…isn’t it beautiful?! I know. Actually, if we have a boy I’m okay with owning it anyways and putting it in our bedroom. I’m sure Tyler will just love that.

If anyone has seen something similar for under $800…yes that is how much it costs…I would LOVE to know!



Wish List Wednesday: Teepee for Kids

So, I don’t have kids, but if I did this would definitely be in my home.

I am a firm believer that children’s toys and entertainment don’t need to be cheap, plastic and horrendous to look at. For anyone who does have kids, especially small children, you know their things will be around the house and not hidden away in a tidy manner like you hope for. Why not make their play areas a part of your decor?

This black and white stripped teepee is so adorable, chic and I’m pretty sure any kid would love hanging out in there.


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Wish list Wednesday: Kate Spade Speaker

These days everyone has their own portable speaker. In my household with my 4 male roommates…yes 4…each of them have one and we actually bring and use them everywhere. Some are of course better than others, but as long as you can hear the music, it’s good in my books.


I actually don’t have my own because I just use my boyfriends, but I found this ADORABLE Kate Spade New York “Le Pavillion” Bluetooth Speaker and it is so ME.

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