Name: Lindsay Primeau

Age: 25

Born: Ontario, Canada

Live: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

What you need to know: Married to a veteran and soon to be firefighter. Mommy to Grace Cali. Big heart. Very generous. Homebody. Determined. Spiritual. God. Reader. Foodie. Love hard. Dog person. Beer lover. Clothes horse. Bilingual. Adventure seeking. Loyal. Wannabe Southerner. Canadian at heart.


Lindsay Primeau•25•Canadian•Fort Lauderdale

I was born and raised in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, but now find myself living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I originally moved to the United States (San Diego, to be exact) to find a career in my fields of study (Communication Studies and Event and Wedding Planning), which proved to be a task so I decided to expand my educational horizons and try my luck in culinary school. Turns out, I like to cook for my family but don’t like cooking for a career.

I grew up like most Northern Canadians- in the cold. Dressing for -40°C, playing in the snow, riding snow mobiles and of course religiously watching hockey (Go Rangers!) were just the norm of living in Ontario. Don’t worry though, we do have a few months of summer! My summer’s were basically spent with my family and friends at our camp in the French River.

My school years flew by, and are a little bit of a blur due to the immense amount of homework I did and the fun filled memories I made. I was always the kid that excelled in school- I pride myself on being a professional studier. I was/am a bit of a nerd which I guess attests to the fact that I have [almost] three “degrees.” As Oscar Wilde said: “You can never be overdressed or over educated.”

So how did I go from spending my days in the snow to spending them on the beach? Well, in April of 2014 my girlfriends and I took a trip to San Diego -this trip ended up being the best time of my life and I fell in love with the city and everything that comes along with it. We stayed for a week, and when we left and went back home, I realized that I was no longer content in my little town. I went from seeing Oz to going back to Kansas. I kept in touch with people we met on our trip, and found myself wanting to leave my hometown, leave my province and leave my country and venture out to do something amazing and unexpected of me. A couple weeks after we got home I made the conscientious decision to go back to San Diego. So, with that being said I enlisted my best friend Devyn and we booked our flight for July 26th to return September 1st. Little did everyone know, I wasn’t planning to just visit San Diego. I wanted to stay. This month long trip was to have a mini vacation, figure out living situations and get myself oriented with the city.  During this stay I connected with a friend I met on our original girls trip to San Diego. Needless to say, this friend is now my husband, Tyler. To date, the past three and a half years have been the best part of my life. Having fun, living my dream, happy and content. Last October 2016, three and a half weeks after our daughter was born by husband deployed overseas for seven months. During that time I left San Diego and spent time with family back home in Canada and in Tyler’s hometown of Fort Lauderdale. Since Tyler’s return in May 2017, and his separation from the Navy in July, we have have been on a constant path of trying to start a new life from scratch. We left San Diego with the intentions of moving to beautiful Nashville, Tennessee. A town that suited our needs and what we wanted for our family perfectly. Unfortunately, life got in the way a little bit and we have had to post-pone our inevitable move in order to be better situated. So, we are currently living back in Tyler’s hometown of Fort Lauderdale while Tyler attends the Fire Academy. Now we are on yet another journey together, beginning a new chapter in our lives and preparing ourselves and our family for the future!

As for right now, here I am, three and a half years after my initial trip to San Diego, married to a man I met on that first trip, and Mommy to a beautiful little girl! I guess you can say, I’m a Canadian girl living in an American world…

Linds xx

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