Grace’s Nursery


In the next few months we will be moving to Nashville, TN, so lately we have been packing up our home and going through different rooms trying to decide what to keep, how to pack certain things etc. My most favourite room in our home is our daughter Grace’s nursery. By the time we get to Nashville Grace will almost be two years old, so I will slowly start transitioning her from a nursery to a “big girl room.” With the anticipated change in her room and the oh so sad transition from baby to toddler, I have been reflecting a lot on her room and what I have loved most about the sweet space.

Grace actually never had her own nursery until she was one. Since Tyler was on deployment for 7 and a half months of her first year, and I was moving all around, we were never really in one place for long enough to decorate her a nursery. Now, my mother in law created a lovely room just for Grace and I while we stayed at her home for a couple months of deployment, and my mom created a precious nursery for Grace at her home, but, I never got the chance to make one myself. For anybody that knows me, you know I love me some decorating. So, not being able to create a nursery for my baby was something that was very hard on me. When it came time for Grace to get her own room, I had about a million ideas, two million pins on Pinterest and not a huge budget. I take a lot of pride in decorating my home, but this nursery was the ultimate project and I wanted it to be perfect! I had convinced myself that I was sad for Grace that she didn’t have a space for herself for the first year of her life but really, I was the sad one, and I knew I had to do it just right. The nice part of decorating a nursery so long after your baby is born is that they already have a personality so you can really get a feel for your child and have their room reflect that. Most parents decorate a nursery prior to the arrival of their little bundle of joy and for the most part it’s reflecting the style and taste of the parent and what they hope their child likes. For me, it was kind of fun to decorate and pick out pieces that reminded me of my little nugget. So, I was able to create a really sweet space that is girly and feminine, but has a lot of little whimsy touches that compliment Grace’s lovable, fun character!

Enjoy! x


While living in Florida we rented this huge townhome but for some reason the bedrooms (excluding the master) were quite small. Looking at it now, it’s a great size for a nursery. Everything Grace needed fit perfectly in there. I don’t really keep many toys in her nursery as she has a play area in our living room, so this little space worked really well for us.

Right off the bat I knew that I didn’t want to do the typical baby pink and white. I liked the idea of incorporating pink but I just wasn’t feeling any colours that I saw. I never ever considered painting the walls anything other than a neutral colour, so I was really focused on incorporating pink elsewhere, but it was not happening. Eventually, I saw a picture on Pinterest of this insanely beautiful nursery and much to my surprise it was painted pink. So, of course I went and bought the exact colour. It’s a lighter shade of pink, but more on the “dusty rose” scale. It is so light (almost white) and warm (can a white be warm?) that it’s almost a neutral in a sense. It really goes with a lot, and I will definitely be painting her “big girl room” the same colour. This lovely colour is called “Intimate White” by Sherwin-Williams.

Crib and Bedding:

Grace’s Godmother Trisha, had a girl a year and a half prior to Grace, so I took her advice on a lot of purchases, big and small. One in particular was the crib. She had the exact same one for her daughter, and what I loved about it was the clean, simple lines that fit in the space perfectly. This crib is the Kendall crib from Pottery Barn Baby. It was very comparable in price to most cribs, and allowed me to get the biggest bang for my buck as it converts into a toddler crib. Something else that I really liked about this crib that most people don’t think about, is that they have a clear plastic, barely noticeable plastic guard on the rails incase you have a little one who likes to try and chew on their crib!


I have two crib sheets for Grace. I don’t believe you need anymore than that- if one is dirty wash it and change it out with the second one. Grace’s “main” crib sheet and my personal favourite is her Little Unicorn muslin flamingo sheet. I am a big fan of the muslin crib sheets because they are so light and breathable. This flamingo one is so fun and very appropriate for living in Florida. Her backup sheet is a really cute floral pattern, also from Little Unicorn. I like the way a crib looks without bumpers, that’s just my personal opinion, so I never had the need to buy any. I do have a white muslin bed skirt that I think keeps in the theme of clean and simple. Now that Grace is a little older she sleeps with a toddler pillow (isn’t it the cutest darn thing you’ve ever seen?), a light muslin blanket- which she kicks off because she hates blankets, and her teddy bear that her Aunt Mel and Uncle Tyler got her. That poor bear has been slobbered on so much. One thing I do not use and wish I could is her quilt. My sister bought this for Grace prior to her being born and it’s a really pretty Pottery Barn Baby cream quilt with gold polka dots. It’s too thick and hot for this climate so it stays folded on her chair as decoration.


Dresser and Change Station:

One piece of furniture I cannot stand and think is so pointless is a change table. They’re a bulky, unnecessary piece of furniture. I opted for a dresser and topped it with a change pad. Once Grace is potty trained and out of diapers, I simply need to remove the change pad and then she has a dresser she can use for years to come.


I did not buy much before Grace was born concerning a nursery as I knew we would be moving non stop. Something I did buy while pregnant was this dresser. We picked it up at a consignment store for a whopping $90! It was hideous in colour but in great shape, and a really sturdy wood dresser. Just, not pretty. We, and my we I mean Tyler and his friends, sanded the dresser and painted it. I had a hard time deciding on a colour for this dresser as I had nothing else for a nursery, and no plan for one since it would be a year before one could even be started. I originally decided on pink since I had it set in my mind that the walls would be a neutral colour. After going back and forth with ideas I settled with this really pretty mint green colour. It is a very feminine colour, a bold statement but not TOO bold since it will be in a little girls nursery. Although it is not the same colour, it gave me a little bit of a Breakfast at Tiffany’s feel so the mint green just screamed classy to me. I decided on black handles and black accents throughout the room because it grounded the otherwise light and airy space. A little bit of black in every room is my motto. Not gothic, just classic. The paint colour of this dresser is Ocean Spray by Benjamin Moore.  I topped the dresser with a very inexpensive, basic change pad and then bought a white Aden & Anais muslin change pad cover that matched my crib skirt. Super simple. I love the idea of using wicker baskets for storage. If you go through my home and look through my closets you’ll find a variety of different baskets for anything and everything. Grace’s room was no exception. I knew I needed something for her diapers as well as her products like diaper cream, lotion etc. I found this matching set in a lighter wicker than I normally buy, since everything else in her room was a light colour. The square basket holds two rows of her diapers perfectly, and the three slot basket is great for organizing all her needs. Beside Grace’s change table I have the Ubbi diaper pail in white. If you are in the midst of planning a nursery, please take my advice on this diaper pail. Most Mom’s go for the typical Diaper Genie, which I have had, and hate. The regular Diaper Genie is plastic and smells horrible. The Diaper Genie is half the price of the Ubbi diaper pail, but the thing is you need to buy specific inserts for this diaper pail which are costly. The Ubbi diaper pail is metal and holds the horrible odour of you baby’s presents much better than the plastic counterpart. It comes in an array of cute colours and patterns, but the best part is that a regular garbage bag can be used to fit into the Ubbi.


Seating Area:


Something that most Mom’s NEED is a good rocker. Although it’s nice, it was never a necessity for me. I had a rocker in my room at my mother in laws but really didn’t use it a ton since Grace preferred me to not be comfortable and rock her but rather walk around and walk with her. At my mom’s I actually had a couch in Grace’s nursery which worked fine. When it came time to make this nursery for Grace, I had no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a rocker, so instead stole my friend Trisha’s idea for a chair and bought this very affordable simple, chair from Ikea. The great thing about this chair is that it’s not imposing and it is covered using a slip cover which is easily taken off and washed, or inexpensively replaced if need be. Since the chair was not itself an exciting colour, I really wanted something fun as the ottoman. I think it’s important to kick your feet up if you’re hanging out in a nursery. I found this really whimsical furry blush pink ottoman for $60 at World Market online. It adds character to the space, but still has an element of sophistication. For the side table, my friend Danielle found me this metal scalloped white and gold table at Target for $70! It’s a great size and is a really pretty, different texture for her room. I topped that with a $20 simple lamp from Target that turns on by touching the base- easy-peasy, her sound machine which she has used since she was born and a pretty rustic frame that matches her ottoman in colour. Grace’s seating area is in front of her window, so I wanted the backdrop to be just as cute as the seating area itself. I found these adorable simple white floor length curtains that have fun pink tassels down the inner sides of the window panels. To match the hardware of Grace’s dresser I chose a curtain rod in the same colour, black. It is very simple and in the shape of an arrow.




As previously mentioned, I don’t keep a lot of toys in Grace’s room since it’s pretty small, but, I do have a few. The very first thing I registered for was the Pottery Barn Kids Unicorn Rocker. I loved it the moment I saw it, and knew that my baby girl needed to have it! My mother-in-law’s best friend Susan bought it for my baby shower and had Grace’s name put on it. Yes, it’s so cute, but Grace seriously loves it. We call her Unis the Unicorn and when I am upstairs getting ready or cleaning Grace will ride Unis and just hangout. I also have this beautiful white wicker bassinet with cream and beige lace bedding that was from my Grandma’s house. My Grandma has had that bassinet since I was a kid (or maybe even before?) but it was something we always used to play with at kids so when she said she wanted to ship it to me I was thrilled to have a part of her home in Grace’s nursery! I keep all of Grace’s good and meaningful stuffed animals in the bassinet such as mine and Tyler’s childhood bears/dolls and my moms old Raggedy Ann doll from when she was a kid.



Due to the fact that Grace’s nursery was so small, I couldn’t find the room for a standing shelf so I wanted something that could hang on the wall to showcase all of Grace’s memories and keepsakes. I found a set of three light wood/white wall shelves from PB Teen that fit her space perfectly. They add a bit of wood warmth that I love without being too heavy. I decided to hang them the exact same way they were showcased in the PB Teen catalogue. On these shelves I have various items that I wanted Grace to always be able to see: a green and gold hat box that was my Nana’s (I keep her headband bows in there), a frame that has a picture of our family from when Grace was born, her piggy bank, her statistic elephant that her Great Aunt Kelly and Uncle Jimmy had made for her, a crystal stroller and bottle that was mine when I was a baby, a Tiffany & Co. baby spoon that my Mom’s best friend Mike bought me as a baby, Grace’s knitted baby skates from when she was a newborn from my Mother-in-law, a stack of classic books, a wood G and a wooden Willow Tree family ornament. All of these things mean a lot to me and hopefully will mean a lot to Grace one day. They are all worthy of being showcased!


To the right of Grace’s dresser and change area is her bow frame. Tyler made this for her and it is the best thing to have for a little girl who wears a lot of bows! I found this really pretty white ornate from from Hobby Lobby for $20 and had Tyler use a staple gun and attach chicken wire to the back of the frame. I love using her bows as a piece of art and it is so convenient to have right there since she basically wears one everyday. To the right of Grace’s crib is one of my favourite pieces in her nursery. I bought these too whimsical wood hearts from a vintage market in San Diego with my friend Amy just before Grace was born. They are so different and unique I knew I needed to have them! They add so much depth and character to her room that I think a lot of the design of this room revolved around making sure everything would compliment them. Above Grace’s crib is her name in cursive white wood. This was the very last thing I bought to complete the nursery. I knew I wanted something simple over her crib, and not too big so she wouldn’t grab onto it. Friends of ours had a baby girl almost a year ago and they had her name done the same way and it hangs above her crib. When I saw it I immediately knew that would be perfect for what I wanted the space to look like. In the upper left corner of the wall where Grace’s crib is, right above that little bassinet I have with her toys in it is the most beautiful dream catcher. I bought this from a local store in my hometown of Sudbury. It brings a little bit of the North to Florida in such a pretty, elegant way. It has a lace frame with a piece of drift wood down the middle, a mineral stone in the center of the wood and dried cream and purple flowers surrounding it. The tassels on the bottom are made of a cream coloured rope which are less traditional but very pretty for this particular dream catcher. Right when you walk into Grace’s room there is a small wall in-between her door and closet where the light switch sits. Just above the light switch is a pretty water colour painting of a flower that compliments all the different shades of pink in her room. Lastly, on that same wall at the very bottom is Grace’s fairy door. This is a door I made for her for Christmas that I think brings such fun, magic and imagination into her space. Every morning Grace will wave to that little door and say “Hi fairies!” to her imaginary little fairy friends that watch over her. It’s such a sweet little innocent touch to her room.


I hope you enjoyed exploring Grace’s nursery as much as I enjoyed creating it!


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