Avocado-Chocolate Smoothie



This recipe does not sound appealing at first glance, but, I promise it’s yummy! If you are thinking EW avocados in my smoothie?! Calm down. You can’t even taste the avocado. It actually just adds a really nice creaminess to the smoothie!



1 Serving




Half of a ripened avocado (take off the flesh and remove the pit)

1 Cup of Chocolate Almond Milk (I use dark chocolate almond milk, but any will do)

1 Tbsp of maple syrup

1 Tbsp of Old Fashioned Rolled Oats

½ cup of ice



In a blender add in all your ingredients and blend! You should be left with a creamy smoothie that has a little bit of texture from the oats. The oats just make it feel like breakfast!


Enjoy! x

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