Kate Middleton: Best Looks

Anybody who knows me knows that I love the Royal family. I mean, I really love them. I think growing up in Canada, we have such a connection to the UK that you are bound to know all about the UK, their customs, and of course their Royal Family.

When I turned 20 I took a trip to London, UK with my grandparents and that entire trip just made my admiration with the Royal Family so much more prevalent.

One of my favourite people to follow in the family is Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. It is hard not to love the Duchess- she seems like such a genuinely sweet, kind person, and she really is the epitome of class.

One of the things I love about Kate Middleton is, girl knows how to dress. I mean I know she is “a face” of Royalty and needs to represent herself in a certain way, but there really isn’t an event or outing where she doesn’t look perfectly put together and classy. I don’t just love the way she dresses, but I love that she takes on a modern spin to her title. Of course she wears the best designers and the most beautiful pieces but she is known to be an outfit recycler- which I admire very much, especially in the position she is in. Kate Middleton really can go from casual to ballroom fancy and she looks great in it all.

In lieu of the Duchesses 36th birthday yesterday, I am celebrating with her best looks. These are 30 of my personal favourite looks worn by the Duchess throughout the years. Let me tell you, it was hard to choose just 30.




  1. Not so Grandma: This picture was taken during the Royal Family’s trip to Canada! I didn’t intentionally mean to put it first, it was fate. One thing I love about Kate Middleton’s style is that she takes pieces that you would normally think are very old, or even “Grandma-like” on the hanger, and she puts a fresh, modern and chic spin on them. This ivory coat is a perfect example!
  2. Military Chic: I love how the Duchess played on the fact that she was attending a medal ceremony for the Irish Guard regiment. Her military inspired coat is very chic and appropriate for the occasion.
  3. Bold Blue Gown: This gown is so bright in colour, but so classy. I love the simplistic lines on the gown. She definitely wore this dress and not the other way around. It perfectly complemented her at the anniversary for SportsAid in London.
  4. Canada Casual: Again on her visit to Canada, the Duchess naturally wore another great outfit, this time a little more casual. Her adorable (and super cozy looking) sweater and cowboy boots are such a fun combo!
  5. Post Ceremony Wedding Gown: If Alexander McQueen is going to design your wedding gown that the whole world will gawk at and want for themselves, then you better believe he is going to design a fun version to wear after the serious ceremony is over! I love that Kate changed after their formal ceremony to something more comfortable and party-like, but still equally as elegant.
  6. Blue Trench Coat: Kate is known for wearing trench coats, but this blue tweed Michael Kors trench coat is so nice. It’s a great colour for the Duchess and I love the flowy, feminine silhouette.
  7. The Wedding Dress: Kate Middleton’s Alexander McQueen wedding dress is still being talked about almost 7 years after they got married. It is a rule in the Royal family that your wedding gown has to have a fair amount of modesty and that a good portion of your skin needs to be covered. This gown is the ultimate wedding gown- modesty rule or not. It fit her to a tea and it was so classy and elegant.
  8. Sailor Chic: I love this nautical inspired blouse and skirt combo Kate wore while visiting a community center with Prince William.
  9. Boots and Jacket: This is one of my favourite “semi-casual” looks that Kate has worn. First of all, I love when her hair is up, it looks so great on her. Second, she knows how to dress appropriately. She knows she doesn’t always have to be wearing the fanciest of outfits to make her look presentable, classy and still comfortable. She wore this army green trench with black heeled boots during a visit to North Wales.
  10. Christmas in Plaid: Maybe I am still in the Christmas spirit, but I love this outfit. Kate Middleton was spotted out on Christmas Day attending Church in her oh so appropriate green and red plaid jacket and fur hat. I find she often pairs her outfit to the occasion or event she is attending, almost using it as a theme or kick off for what she chooses to wear.
  11. Black Lace: Another one of Kate’s gowns that fit her like a glove! Enough said.
  12. Mama in Burgundy: On Christmas Day in 2016 Kate wore her beloved burgundy trench that she has been seen wearing countless times. I can see why she loves it so much- fits her great and is perfect for the holiday season. Also, look how precious Charlotte is!
  13. Lavender Dres: Just another day for Kate Middleton, attending a red carpet premiere in one of many Alexander McQueen gowns. This lavender colour is so pretty and feminine. I love the shape and flowy nature of this dress- it reminds me of a goddess!
  14. Red Jacket: I love this double breasted jacket that Kate is sporting. It fits her so well and adds just a little bit of excitement to her otherwise all black look!
  15. Baby Announcement Dress: After the birth of their first child, Prince George, the Duke and Duchess left the hospital to showcase their bundle of joy in their first official appearance. The poor girl just gave birth and literally walked out of her delivery room to a crowd of adorning people, while being televised to the world, but she crushed it. She looked so adorable in her perfectly planned baby blue and polka dot dress. Of course, I was watching this as it happened on TV and I couldn’t stop gushing at how cute she looked! Disclaimer: I did NOT look like this right after giving birth. In fact, it took a solid month until I put makeup on. Props to you Kate!
  16. Black Lace Gown #2: I’ve realized this is the second black lace gown that I have put on this list but, I don’t care because she looks great. Lace is her thing and she wore it amazing, once again to the UK premiere of War Horse.
  17. Winter Outfit: When it’s freezing cold in the winter do you want to know what I wear? A parka. Kate? Nah she wears a super classy thick, burgundy skirt suit with tights and black boots. Ugh, outfit envy.
  18. Tea Dress: Kate wore this super pretty cream lace dress to a charity event she hosted: a tea party for the children of servicemen and women. This is one of her many “recycled” looks. She actually wore this dress the year before to another tea party in Canada!
  19. Teal Gown: You cannot deny that Kate Middleton loves her colour, and rocks it every time! Such a fun dress to wear to the Olympic Gala.
  20. Baby Blue Dress: I personally think blue is Kate colour. She wears it fairly often and it brings out the colour of her eyes and complexion. She wore this dress in Luxembourg back in May. It is one of her signature style wrap dresses that go just past the knee. Even though she wears this style often, she wears it consistently correct without fail!
  21. Red Carpet White: She looks so young here! Kate wore a smooth cream coloured gown with a slit in it to a premiere in London. Either girlfriend has some serious spanx on that we peasants cannot afford, or she just has a perfect body. I might go with option number two. This dress looks so amazing on her and she looks refreshed, classy and royal but still staying true to her young age with the fun slit and loose pony tail!
  22. Green Lace Dress: I really think Kate wears lace well. She obviously thinks so too since she wears it quite often. This dark green lace gown that she wore to a gala in London is just another beautiful look to add to the books.
  23. Gingham: Uhm, who can make red and white picnic gingham look so classy? She can.
  24. Red Carpet Ready: I am obsessed with this dress that Kate wore to a premiere in London. It’s not often that you see Kate wearing something that could be considered “sexy”, but she really should more. Her legs are unreal. This dress actually reminds me of a party version of her wedding gown so it is obvious why it looked so great on her.
  25. Flower Power: Kate wore this fun sundress while attending Wimbledon. It is so cute and summery.
  26. Lady in Red: I love this super flattering red Armani skirt suit Kate wore. The red is so bold and daring- she looks like she’s in charge!
  27. Runners and All: While attending a marathon with her husband and brother-in-law, Kate decided to opt for a super sporty, casual look and I LOVE IT. Seriously, who looks this cute and stylish while wearing runners and a puffy red jacket?
  28. Purple Dress: Visiting a Maritime Museum in Germany Kate did not hesitate to wear colour. She wore this particular dress in July and it was such a fun, vibrant colour to sport during the season.
  29. Champagne Dress: An elegant, sparkly champagne colour dress is exactly what you should wear to a party at Buckingham Palace!
  30. Casual in Boots:  When you think Royalty you can’t help but think tiaras and big gowns, so it is so refreshing to see a woman in the position that the Duchess is in, dressing just like you and I. Kate actually wears a cute jacket and boots pretty often and she looks just as put together than if she was going to a fancy gala.

If you have a favourite look from the Duchess that wasn’t on the list, share it below!


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