Check It Out: Scandinavian Spa Blue Mountain, Collingwood, ON

Hey y’all!

After a much needed holiday R&R, I’m back at it! On that note, I truly hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that your 2018 is filled with love, good health and amazing experiences.

Now, on to the intended post.


If I ever did one of those old school “Facebook” notes (which I used to do all the time…I was the Queen of notes) and it asked me the usual random questions like “What is your biggest weakness?”, then my definite answer you have and still would be MASSAGES. I loooove getting a good massage. I try and get one once a month. While I was pregnant in my third trimester I had one once a week…okay twice. It’s a sick disease that I don’t think I will ever give up. On our recent trip up North we took a mini road trip to go snowboarding at Blue Mountain in Collingwood, Ontario. The first day I froze my tail off so, I decided instead of getting frost bite at the top of a hill I would opt out of snowboarding on day two and do something else while the boys “shredded.” My aunt had suggested checking out the Scandinavian Spa in town and those two words were all I needed to hear before deciding to ditch the slopes and relax. Since I was baby free I thought it was a perfect opportunity for some much needed down time.

First of all, when you drive up to the spa you are surrounded by a fairy-tale like forest. I even saw two bunnies playing and a fox chasing a bunny, which in hindsight probably didn’t end too well for that bunny. Anyways, the scenic view of this spa is worth it. It’s beautiful. When you walk in you are greeted by a beautiful chalet-esque building with a large stone fireplace and a smell of burning wood taking over your nostrils. I booked a Swedish massage which was heaven and then I was able to sit in the outdoor “pools” which are hot tubs outside surrounded by nature. The walk from the building to the hot tub wasn’t awesome but it was worth it once you got in and took a minute to take everything in. I also had the option of the sauna and steam room, so it really did have a little bit of something for everyone. It is quite pricey compared to a regular spa, but it truly is just a completely different spa experience than you may be used to. One thing I loved about this spa experience is that you aren’t really supposed to talk as the purpose is to just relax in the quiet. Not feeling the pressure to talk to anyone about how their day is going or make meaningless chit chat made my stay extra relaxing.

If you are not a skier or snowboarder and find yourself at Blue Mountain in the winter- have no fear! The Scandinavian Spa is for you!

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