Lindsay’s Favo(u)rite Things

Hey y’all!

I’ve decided to re-vamp, re-style and re-name my blog and this time, a novel idea, stick with it! To kick off my new blog, my first post is one of my favourite “segments.” Ever since I can remember during this time of year I have anxiously awaited “Oprah’s Favorite Things.” Whether it be an episode on her talk show or in her magazine I have always loved that she did this every year. If you live under a rock and don’t know what Oprah’s Favorite Things is, it’s a list she compiles of her favorite things throughout the year. She suggests gift ideas and shares why she loves each item. In lieu of OFT, I give you: Lindsay’s Favo(u)rite Things! A list of my must haves and great gift ideas! Enjoy! Xx


  • Le Creuset Dutch Oven: I think my mom can probably attest to this item. Le Creuset is the king of Kitchenware. They make sturdy, heavy, great products that make cooking that much more enjoyable. The dutch oven in particular is one of my favourite pieces for making soups and sauces. It holds a lot and holds heat very well. Bonus? Le Creuset products come in awesome colours.
  • Kate Spade Agenda: Every year I get a new agenda, and for the last 4 years my go to has been Kate Spade. First of all, they’re so pretty. Second, they have everything you need. Everything is in one place, perfectly laid out and easily accessible. Such a great gift for anybody that needs a little organizing in their life!
  • Yeti Rambler Tumbler: I am giving my husband props for this one. My husband is a major water drinker, and although I try to be, I need to get better at it. I have gotten much better since having a designated water travel cup though. I LOVE my Yeti. I know Yeti is the biggest rage right now, but there is a reason for that. It keeps your drink cold (or hot) forever. It really does. It is worth every penny. I have the cute “Tiffany Blue” tumbler, but may have asked my husband to buy the pink tumbler and put it in my stocking. A girls gotta have options!
  • Daddy Doll: This is the best thing in the world. My husband was deployed for 7 months starting 3 and a half weeks after my daughter was born. One of my biggest fears was that she wasn’t really going to know who Daddy was. My mother in-law found this amazing invention called the Daddy Doll which is quite literally a picture of a service member in their uniform on a plush doll. Although my daughter was just a young nugget, she really did sleep with it all the time and when she got a bit older she was able to recognize who was on the doll. It is such a great idea for anybody that has a parent or family member in the military. The kids will love having Mommy or Daddy in their arms when they can’t be home!
  • Roots Socks: Growing up, when you get socks at Christmas you’re not very happy. As an adult? Love em. My all time favourite socks to keep those toes warm (especially when I am visiting up North) are the Roots wool socks! They have a slight sock monkey appeal to them, so they even make adorable socks to wear up to your knees with boots! Men love them, women love them and guess what? They have kids/babies too!
  • Personalized Grandparent Pillow: Last Christmas I bought my parents and my in-laws these personalized pillows with their grandparent names and my daughters birth date as the establishment date on them as Grace was all of their first grandchild. I was able to customize it a bit which was so nice to have their exact spelling. It’s not easy to find things that say “Gramma” and “Yaya” so it made this gift very special.
  • Garlic Expressions Salad Dressing: I am one of those people who would much rather make their own salad dressing than use one from a bottle. That is until, my mother in-law and friend Trisha introduced me to this baby. I swear to God it is the best salad dressing EVER. We have even created a “house salad” based around this dressing that we make anytime we have a family dinner. It is that good.
  • Burberry Britt Perfume: I debated putting this on my list because this is my signature scent and I am very possessive of it. Just kidding! Sort of. So, this perfume is my fall/winter scent. Yes, I have seasonal scents. I have been wearing it ever since my Grandma bought me a bottle when I was 14. It is the perfect perfume to wear during this time of year. It smells spicy and warm all in one. I absolutely love it!
  • Baby Bling Bows: If you have a little girl like me then at some point you attempted to put a bow in their hair. How can you not try? They are so darn cute. My absolutely favourite bows for babies are the Baby Bling Bows. Not only do they come in an array of unique colours and patterns that are unlike any other bows, but they are very comfortable on your little nuggets head. They don’t dig in and leave huge impressions on their head. In fact, I just bought a new one as a stocking stuffer for Miss Grace!
  • Bullet Journal: Bullet journaling is my new obsession and a great goal setter and an awesome personalized assistant and organizer. The premise is pretty simple. Bullet Journals come with “dotted” pages as opposed to line pages. The idea is to get creative and make goals for yourself that you can refer to and see. Another idea of the bullet journal is to incorporate some kind of “checking” system so you can easily check off milestones to reach your goals. It’s a great tool because it has been shown that when people can physically check something off they feel more accomplished and are most likely going to continue to meet those goals because the idea of being able to “check” is very satisfying. I use the bullet journal for a number of goals. Here are some of my ideas that I have done in the past:
  • Draw a mason jar and have a fixed number of savings in your head for something special (example, $1000.) Use each line within the mason jar to represent $50 or any amount you want. Any time you save $50 you can colour in that line. Keep going until you have saved up your end goal! Then start all over.
  • Create a chart that shows your debt (credit card, school etc.) and again put each line into a fixed amount like $50. Once you have paid off $50 go ahead and check it off/colour it in etc.
  • Book shelf: Create a book shelf with a bunch of blank books and any time you finish reading a book write the title of the book on one of your blank drawn books and eventually you will create a full bookshelf of everything you read!
  • When my husband was deployed I had a triple countdown system. I had a string of 7 anchors drawn and each time a month would pass I would colour in one of the anchors. I also have a big anchor and within the anchor I created a little section for each week he was gone and every time a week would pass I would again, colour it in. Finally, to make the days go by quicker I had a tally system that was separated by months. Each night I would cross over one of the tallies. I did this every night until he came home. While it was a method to make the time go by a little faster, it’s actually very cool to look back at that tally chart and look at all those tallies that represent each day he was gone.

This is really a great gift for anyone in your life. Everyone has a goal or needs some help reaching these goals. It can be used for any and everything! Get creative!

  1. Pottery Barn Stockings: I LOVE my PB stockings. They were given to me as a wedding gift. The particular ones that we have are the classic red and white stockings which is my all time favourite. You can’t go wrong. They have a variety of sizes- even a mini one for our pup! Brand new stockings are a great gift that will surely be appreciated by the Christmas enthusiast!
  2. Rosebud Lip Balm: Being from Northern Ontario, I have grown up having chapped lips. Especially in the winter. They get so bad that they crack and bleed. When my daughter and I were living in Canada last winter, she succumbed to the same degree of chapped lips that I do! I have tried every type of lip chap available, and while there are a lot of good ones, I don’t like any of them as much as I like Rose Bud Lip Balm. It’s so soothing and healing but adds just a little bit of colour! Great stocking stuffer.
  3. Canadian Maple Syrup: Don’t act like you’re surprised that this is on here. I will argue with anybody that Canadian Maple Syrup is the best!! One of my favourites is the Canadian Finest Organic Maple Syrup. It is rich, thick and a little smoky. Excuse me while I go make me some waffles. Jump to number 25.
  4. Personalized Birth Stat Elephant: When Grace was born her Great Aunt Kelly and Great Uncle Jimmy gifted us with the coolest darn thing I ever saw. It’s a plush elephant with the birthing stats stitched into it’s ears!! How cool is that? I keep her elephant on the shelf in her room and it is the one toy I will not let her play with. It’s such a fun, creative idea that you can keep forever. A great place to put their birthing information- incase you forget hehe. I actually loved this gift so much that we bought one for our nephew Jax when he was born.
  5. Burt’s Bees Family Jammies: I actually stole this one from Oprah’s favourite things. She had it on the list last year and this year, but, the woman knows her jammies. Burt’s Bees makes the most comfortable pajamas to begin with. The real kicker is that you can match the entire family- even the dog! The patterns are so cute and not at all tacky or cheesy- everyone will be sure to love it! Even Dad. I know my husband is beyond thrilled to match my 15 month old daughter and I. 😊
  6. Kate Spade Wallet: My go to wallet is definitely the Kate Spade zip wallet. It is so functional and practical and holds everything I need without fail. It has been known to stand up very well and not lose it’s structure or rip. An added bonus? You can get your wallet in pretty much any colour that suits your fancy.
  7. Swan Creek Candle: These are the yummiest candles to burn this time of year. They just scream holidays! Every time I burn one I want to just cozy up by the fireplace…that is on my TV screen. But really, they have the best scents and they burn very well. There is nothing that bugs me more than a candle you can’t smell and trust me, you can smell this one! My favourite scent would have to be the Warm Cinnamon Bun. Right!? WARNING: DON’T EAT.
  8. Sortilege Canadian Whiskey & Maple Syrup: There the Canadian goes with her maple syrup again. SHH. You will thank me. I am not a big liquor drinker, even more so I am NOT a whiskey drinker. That’s all my hubby. But, I’m telling you. This is a GOOD drink. I only drink it during the holiday’s. I usually drink it with milk or eggnog, but if I am feeling particularly giddy, I even like it straight up with ice cubes. It is so smooth and the maple syrup totally cuts the harsh taste of whiskey. I had my husband try it the first time he came to Canada and he loved it! Definitely an impressive hostess gift that will be different than a bottle of wine!
  9. Personalized Stamp: Okay so, in the last year I have found myself mailing more than I ever have before. Save the dates, invitations, thank you cards, Christmas cards etc. etc. It is a long process and the worst part is having to write addresses. The worst of the worst? Having to write your own address repeatedly. It is so tedious. I love these personalized rubber stamps. They make life so much easier AND they make your invitations look so pretty. You can use them for years, the only up keep would be replacing your ink. I think gifting this as a hostess gift is such a cute and unique idea.
  10. Steam Pod: My mom bought me a steam pod a couple of years ago and it is definitely my go-to hair tool. It heats up by steaming water and it is a gentle straighten for your hair instead of frying it. It works really well and I like the look of my hair better after using it than I do a regular straightener. Fun little tip…when I am in a rush and need to iron a shirt or something quickly I plug my steam pod in and give it a few run throughs. Same idea as an iron! I know…I’m a genius.
  11. Magnolia Journal: Joanna Gaines knows how to do things right. I mean, we all love her. I am a huge fan of her quarterly magazine journals that she puts out. They have everything I am interested in- decorating, food, shopping etc. It is such a well put together and thoughtful magazine. My only complaint is that I wish they came out every month! Sticking one of the latest magazines in any woman’s stocking is sure to be a hit. Even better? Get them a year long subscription! She is sure to love this good read, and she’ll even love the way it looks on her coffee table! They are so pretty.
  12. Kylie Jenner Lip Kit: Say what you want about the Kardashian/Jenner clan, but you can’t deny that these girls know their makeup. Kylie Jenner’s lip kit (lip gloss and lip pencil) are the bomb. The variety of colours make it a great choice for anybody, the packaging is cute, they’re pretty affordable and they stay on FOREVER. They apply really nicely and honestly you don’t have to reapply every hour on the hour and when you do it doesn’t clump up your preexisting lipstick. In fact, I wore the colour “Candy K” when I got married and I could not have been more pleased with its durability.
  13. Roots Track Pants: Tracks, sweat pants, whatever you want to call them, these are the ones you and everyone you know should own. They are hands down the definition of comfort!! Roots tracks are made for men, women, children, babies, small, big, tall, short, you name em, you’ll find a pair! They’re worth every penny-unless being comfortable isn’t worth your money. But really, they are definitely going to be a gift that are under appreciated until the giftee puts them on. Then you’ll be their new favourite person!
  14. Foam Play Floor: Remember when you were a kid and the only option they had for the foam floors were those very vibrant letters? Well, I didn’t want that. My kids play area is right smack dab in the middle of my living space for everybody to see so I wanted to make it as appealing to the eye but still as practical for a 15 month old as it can be. I found this wonderful new spin on the foam floors- they look like wood! How cute is this? Besides the obvious functionality of these floors for a play area, they look adorable. I can’t wait until Christmas when I set up an entire play area (Grace’s Christmas gift) and see how great these foam mats look when they are used to their full potential.
  15. William Sonoma Waffle Mix: We received a waffle maker for a wedding gift this year so naturally, like any sane person, I insisted we do it right and go get the Belgium Waffle Mix from William Sonoma. It is my tried and true favourite. I have had it plenty of times and it makes such yummy, fluffy and not overly sweet waffles. PERFECT to pair with your Canadian Maple Syrup. 😊
  16. Classic Board Games: This past August I experienced my first ever hurricane while living in South Florida. It wasn’t the most fun experience but what was fun was that we didn’t have power for days (no that wasn’t fun at all), but it forced us to get creative. We couldn’t watch TV, we couldn’t sit on our laptops so we whipped out some old school, classic board games and played them for 5 days. We played everything from Life to Clue and I realized how much fun board games really were. This day in age you don’t ever really have a game night but I think it is something we need to bring back! We were gifted a few classic board games as a wedding gift and I can’t wait to play them! If you want to take it one step further, Restoration Hardware makes classic board games into beautiful pieces for your home. I bought myself the Scrabble one years ago when I just wanted it because it looked cool. Who knew I was so into board games!?
  17. Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray: I always get a funny look when someone is at my home and watching me do my makeup and when I finish I start spraying my face with some unidentified liquid. WELL, folks, it’s called makeup setting spray. It keeps your face looking fresh, your makeup lasting longer and the little bit of dew on your face makes your makeup feel lighter. If you live where I live and it is hot 99% of the time and sweating is just a daily occurrence, then you would be crazy not to use makeup setting spray. Unless sweating your makeup off and looking like a clown is your thing. Then by all means, continue.
  18. Personalized Whiskey Labels: As previously mentioned I am not a liquor drinker, also mentioned, my husband is, and so are all of his friends. So, when we needed to buy 8 (yes 8) separate groomsman gifts Tyler’s number one choice was something Jack Daniels related. We found these amazing customizable whiskey labels that just go on your bottle and takes place of the label. They look awesome and are really easy to put on. They added a nice personal touch to a manly gift.
  19. Mini Melissa Shoes: Now that I have a walking/running little tot, the shoes we were buying her just weren’t cutting it. I knew she needed something sturdy but really durable…but…she is still a cute little girly girl so they HAD to be fashionable! My friend Trisha has been putting her daughter in Mini Melissa’s since she was about Grace’s age so I was very familiar with the brand. They are the cutest little shoes, they really are. They are not cheap but I really do think they are worth the money, especially at this busy age. All Grace wants to do is walk around so she needs something that will stand up to the abuse. Mini Melissas are made of a rubber material so they make cleaning them super easy, and they come in an array of colours and styles. They are so feminine and cute.
  20. Cast Iron Skillet: A staple in every kitchen should be a seasoned cast iron pan. To get the best cooking results it is the way to go and the best part is it’s a gift that will literally last a life time. Most people will never throw away their good cast iron pan, in fact it’s something that can be passed down from generation to generation. The versatility of a cast iron pan is actually pretty ridiculous. You can make anything from a steak to dinner to dessert in one of those bad boys!
  21. Dog Biscuits: We need something for the fur babies, right?! I love Bailey’s Dog Biscuits. They are 100% natural and are a great homemade product that your pup will sure to love. Our dog Ranger, LOVES these treats in particular- and mama loves knowing she’s giving him a treat that is completely made of real ingredients!
  22. Name Necklaces: These are so trendy right now, and it’s easy to see why. I love the simplicity of these necklaces, they are not too crazy that you can wear them every day but they are also elegant enough to dress up. I love that you can add to it as your family grows. Such a cute way to keep your babies close to you!
  23. Gingerbread House: Tis’ the season! If I had to choose one type of cookie that was my favourite it would definitely have to be gingerbread. So yummy. I love the idea of getting the kids a kit or even bringing one as a hostess gift. It’s such a fun activity to do and it looks adorable. The decorating possibility is endless!
  24. Work Gloves: This past summer we had the pleasure of visiting the Magnolia Silos in Waco Texas and it was my dream store. So many fun goodies I am surprised I didn’t spend more money than I did. They had something for every body, they really did. My husband came across these work gloves and at first glance they are a really nice looking pair of gloves. The best part is that my husband loves them for the job intended- working. They are comfortable and durable. Great stocking stuffer for a Dad!
  25. Flowers of the Month Club: Okay so I have never done this, but I want to. I love having a fresh bouquet of flowers in my home but I often forget to replace them while I’m out and about. Having them delivered to you on a monthly basis is the gift that keeps on giving! A beautiful bouquet is sure to lighten up your day, and anyone else who loves having a little bit of nature in their home.
  26. Melissa & Doug Wood Toys: Melissa and Doug make the best wood toys for babies and children. They are adorable and have such a cute variety of different set ups. Everything from an ice cream bar to a broom and mop set. Everything is whimsy but has a “real life” feel and I really can’t get enough of them. Plus wood over plastic just seems like a great idea. My mother in law actually bought a Melissa and Doug pot and pan set for my daughter for Christmas and I am a little obsessed over it. It looks like the real deal but a miniature version. It’s a great way to start teaching them young!
  27. Fit Tea: This stuff is liquid gold, literally! Fit Tea is a detoxifying tea that I have been drinking for a few years. When I first bought the tea I wasn’t sure if I would love the taste of it because I am such a big green tea drinker, but the lemony, natural taste is actually delicious and refreshing. Not only does fit tea help your metabolism (and it really does), but it gives you such a great boost of energy.
  28. This is Us Season One: If you haven’t watched the hit show This is Us, you need to do yourself a favour and go ahead and watch it. It is dramatic, funny, sad, happy and interesting all in one. It has a little bit of everything and each and every character in the show is brilliant. It is one of my favourite shows right now!
  29. Blanket Scarf: I love a good blanket scarf. They look great in the winter time and they really are so warm. If you are anything like me and are cold 95% of the time this is a great accessory to own! I love giving functional gifts that are appropriate during this time of year.
  30. Record Player: Two Christmas’ ago my husband bought me a record player as my Christmas gift. I seriously love how this old school contraption is making its way into this generation. I love the sound of the record player and I love how it’s so perfectly unperfect. We really use ours all the time, and during this time of the year to have Bing Crosby blasting on your record player while you decorate your tree is pretty awesome and nostalgic.
  31. Recipe Box: I love the vintage look of this recipe box. Such a great addition to any kitchen and a great place to store those family recipes!
  32. American Wife by Taya Kyle: This is not a book for everyone. Most people probably don’t even know who Taya Kyle is, but I’m sure you heard of Chris Kyle the American Sniper who was tragically killed. His wife wrote this book after his passing and I read it while Tyler was deployed (probably not the best idea) but it was a moving book. It was so real and she was not afraid to talk about their relationship, their strengths, their problems and what it was like being married to someone in the service. I really enjoyed this book and connected with it on a level that I didn’t think I would. I highly recommend this read!
  33. Tool Box: My dad bought me a super cute pink tool box and pink tools for Christmas one year and I think it is such a great but practical gift to give someone- especially if they just moved out on their own or have a new home. Everybody needs to have some of the essential tools (even if you are not handy) like a screw driver and a hammer. Having it all packaged it one nice little tool box bundle just makes for a great gift!
  34. Robe: I love robes. So much. Not silky, sexy robes but thick, furry, Grandma robes. As mentioned I am always cold so there is not a whole lot of things that I like more than putting on my robe when I get home and making myself cozy for the rest of the night. Pure bliss in my eyes.
  35. TOMS Booties: Finding shoes in my size (5) is a task. I found these healed TOMS booties this summer and they have become my go to shoe. They can be casual and dressy and they are honestly SO comfortable. You would never know that you are wearing heels. Bonus? You look cute while helping a cause. TOMS’ moto is “One for One” meaning every purchase you make provides shoes or services to someone in need.
  36. Copper Kitchen Utensils: I am a copper nut. I love the way it looks, I love how great it conducts heat and there is something about having copper products in your kitchen that really makes an impact. I also think if you are planning to gift kitchen items to someone, the appearance of a copper spatula over a stainless steel one is just so pretty. Especially during the holidays!
  37. Louis Vuitton Duffle Bag: Okay, so I know this is a little extreme and not everyone is going to run out and gift a LV bag to their neighbor BUT, it was a must on my list. My mom bought me this duffle bag on my 20th birthday as I was set to travel the day of my birthday with my Grandparents to London, UK. It is BY FAR the best looking carry on bag in the airport and honestly you can’t beat the quality. It holds everything and anything, it will last longer than you will and the longer it’s around and the more it is used the better it looks. If you don’t want to spend the obvious money but still want a great lasting duffle bag, I would suggest skipping Walmart and go to an in-between store like Coach or Kate Spade. Still pretty pricey but you won’t be replacing it every time you go on a new trip.
  38. Lulu Lemon Yoga Mat: If you ask anybody that knows me best, I am not OBSESSED with working out. Although, I usually love the way I feel after a workout…it’s before the initial workout. One form of workout that I genuinely enjoy is yoga. I have come to realize that the type of mat you use during yoga makes the world of difference. For the longest time I was using a mat that I bought for $15 dollars at the grocery store back in high school. While it did last I would really noticed my wrists would start to kill about 20 minutes into my yoga class. If you do yoga, invest in a good mat (or gift a good mat!). It is worth having that little extra cushioning and comfort. A quality mat will be sure to make your workout more enjoyable!
  39. Qalo Silicone Rings: I saw these rings advertised at a Spartan race years before I was ever married, and I thought that they were such a great idea. If your spouse is like mine and works out daily or works in a setting where they use their hands a lot and get dirty then this is what you need. The Qalo silicone band replaces a traditional band but does double duty. My husband has his real wedding band that I gave him at our wedding but he wears that when he is going out or is dressing up, every other time he is wearing his black silicone band. I really do love the way it looks and he loves the durability and comfort of his silicone band. I even have one! They come in so many sizes and colours that it is easy to find one that suits you!
  40. Aveeno Daily Moisturizer: I am a lover of all things Aveeno. I know you can buy them at any old store but they really are the best (and it’s so cheap!). I use Aveeno products all the time for myself AND they are the only products I use on Grace. One of my new favourite finds has been the Aveeno Ultra Calming Daily Moisturizer. I am a moisturizing freak- I apply cream to my face every morning and every night before bed. The Aveeno Daily Moisturizer is so light and feels great on. Living in a climate where the sun takes a toll on your skin, moisturizing is a must!

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