Newborn Must Haves: The First Two Weeks

I have only officially been a mom two weeks tomorrow, but I am quickly learning that there are things you NEED, things you do not, and things that are important to your individual baby- remember, every baby is different!

Here are my must haves, so far:


1. Breast Pump: Breastfeeding is not fun. I don’t care what anyone tells you. They’re lying. It is painful, uncomfortable and time consuming…but…it’s an amazing way for your baby to get nutrition. One of the fun things that comes along with breastfeeding are sore, engorged breasts. If you’re thinking “Cool! My boobs will finally be bigger than a mosquito bite! Bring on the milk!”…bite your tongue. When your breasts are engorged they are extremely painful. Breasts feeding helps relieve it a little bit, but if you want to really tackle the pain, the pump is your “breastfriend.” Get it? Ha. Not only is it great to relieve your very full boobs, but it helps you load up on breast milk to that your baby is constantly attached to your boob! Hint, hint, when you need a break from feeding in the middle of the night, you’ll have a lovely pumped bottle of breast milk ready to go for dad to feed the baby. 🙂

2. Swaddle Blankets: My favourite brand of swaddle blankets are from the company Little Unicorn. They are light weight yet keep your baby warm at the same time. This is what we use as her stroller blankets when we’re out and about. They are also great to drape over her carseat to keep the sun out! Bonus: this brand has super cute patterns!

3. Rock and Play Sleeper: Our friends bought us this sleeper for our gender reveal party. A first glance you think it’s a pretty basic set up- but that’s the beauty of it. This is the perfect place to put your baby when you’re trying to get things done around the house. Grace literally just chills out in there. She loves it because it keeps her secure, rocks her to sleep and it has a neat vibrating feature that puts her to sleep! I love having the sleeper for this particular stage of her life. I move it all around the house because it is so light and she sits in there and watches me doing whatever or sleeps. Either way I never have to worry about her in it!

4. Wubbanub: When I first received the wubbanub I thought: “Meh, just another novelty product.” We love the wubbanub just as much as Grace does. The purpose of the little toy that is attached is for when it falls out of the mouth it will just sit on your baby’s chest instead of falling on the ground and getting all dirty. The nipple on the Wubbanub pacifier is also way better and more “breast nipple” like than a traditional pacifier.

5. Diaper Bag: Get a good diaper bag!! This is going to be your purse so make it attractive, make sure it fits a lot, make sure it is sturdy and having multiple pockets is a bonus! I have this exact navy diaper bag from Pottery Barn. It’s a really nice looking bag so I don’t feel like I am toting around a diaper bag. It also holds EVERYTHING I need and more!

6. Desitin: About a week ago Grace got diaper rash really bad. Poor thing. It was so raw and my regular diaper rash cream just wasn’t cutting it. My mother in law suggested Desitin, which I have never even heard of, but it is now my go to. It is very thick but it does the trick! Her diaper rash was cleared up and her little bum was a lot better in just a few days!

7. Receiving Blankets: Ok. I did not know how many blankets you truly need for a baby. Let’s start here: when you are at the hospital they will supply you with a ton of blankets that you are allowed to take home. Now, they won’t be the cutest blankets, and you will think they are so simple they are just a cut piece of fabric. When we were leaving the hospital and my husband asked if I wanted to take some blankets I think I told him to just grab one. Luckily, he did not listen to me and he grabbed about 6. We use these blankets for EVERYTHING. Changing her, feeding her, burp bib, swaddling etc. etc. In fact, we love having access to these simple flannel blankets so much, we went to Babies r’ Us and bought a bunch more! They’re gold- you don’t care so much about them that you use them for whatever, they wash great and they live up to the wear and tear.

8. Pampers Diapers and Wipes: My hospital supplied Pampers diapers and wipes for us. So, it was not until we got home and started using the brand we already had that we quickly realized we preferred the Pampers brand wayyyyy better. They jut fit our little 6 pound peanut. The other brand we used were way too big, didn’t absorb as well and the tabs were not as adhesive. This is just a personal preference, but Pampers is the way this family rolls!

9. Boppy: When a big chunk of your day requires you holding a baby to feed him/her, you’re going to need to have some support. No, not emotional support (although that helps), but support for your arm. Even though babies don’t weigh very much, your arm starts to really feel the burn after the first several times of feeding. Do yourself a favour and let your arms/baby rest against the Boppy while your little one fills up.

10. Woombie: A friend of ours bought us the Woombie after swearing by it. Basically, it’s a straight jacket for a baby. No, it is not inhumane or mean, babies LOVE to be swaddled tightly. If you have a baby who can get out of any swaddle or like my little one, loves to get her hands free so that they are constantly in her face, the Wombie is great. We actually just used it for the first time last night and our little slept so well. So did Mommy and Daddy. Hallelujah!


What are your must have baby products/things?!



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