Wishlist Wednesday: Pantry Labels


How adorable are these panty storage labels?!

These free printable labels are available for download here: http://www.thecreativityexchange.com/2016/03/free-printable-pantry-labels.html.

I can’t wait until Tyler and I buy a house- I will be “decking out” my pantry and keeping it as organized as possible. I am a huge fan of containers and baskets in my pantry as it makes so much more sense to store bulk things like flour and sugar. I am also a firm believer in buying those type of products in bulk where they don’t come in containers or bags. They are far less expensive that way, and allows you to buy the exact amount you need to fill up whatever storage container you desire to put them in.

Another thing I love about this pantry is that the owner is not using expensive jars or containers to store her goods. They are simple plastic containers that you can buy at any home store. Yet, they still look really high end and pretty at first glance!

These whimsical font labels just pulls everything together and makes it clear as day where everything is/goes and not only looks organized, but super cute!

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