2016 VMA’s: Worst Dressed

I found myself scratching my head or wondering “wtf?” to many of this years fashion choices at the VMA’s.

Here are my worst dressed of the evening!:

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Beyonce: I’m sure I will get a lot of hate for this but, I’m sorry, I just did not like Queen B’s dress. It was awful. The feathers and large shoulders were ridiculous. Not to mention the see-through crotch area. She looked more like an exotic bird than the goddess that she is! I did however, love the colour!

Nicki Minaj: Nicki is not the best at weaning in her fashion sense. This is one that showcases her need for the dramatic. Too many cut outs, too much sheer. She doesn’t look sexy she looks like she is wearing a cheap dress ghetto dress! If she would have stuck to the same curve hugging silhouette, just toned it down a bit she would look AMAZING!

Britney Spears: A notable effort Brit, but no. I like the look of the a-symmetrical style dress, but she is not pulling off the middle slit down the garment. I think the worst part though, is her hair. It looks messy and knotty. If she would have had a slicked back pony tail I think the entire look would have come off way better. In fact, I think I would have liked the dress on her!

Nick Jonas: The heart throb did not play to his strengths! The pants are way too MC Hammer and the jacket looks too tiny for his muscular build!

Rita Ora: What? So confused. What in this entire outfit says “wow awesome, beautiful, I’m going to wear this and let the world see me.” The shoes, feathers, sheers, hair…it’s all bad.

Jaden Smith: What is with the apron? Go back to the little house on the prairie and make me a pie.

Alicia Keys: First of all, it looks like she is wearing a carpet. Second, I am into the natural look but I think Alicia took it too far by not wearing any makeup! She looks tired!

Ariana Grande: I think this outfit would have worked a lot better with different bottoms. The wide legged trouser is way too big on the singers petite frame. A tight leather legging would have been far more appropriate!

Chance the Rapper: He looks like the long lost brother of Mario and Luigi.

Cassie: Girl needs a new hair stylist! That hair colour is BAD. The pants and blazer don’t go together, at all. The blazer itself is nice, the boobage is a little much. Those pants though, she should donate them to her hair stylist!

Desiigner: He should really team up with Cassie! The two do not like to wear shirts under their jackets, I suppose. The peach coloured suit and yellow shoes aren’t doing him much of a favour anyways.

Farrah Abraham: Oh, okay. I’ll stick with Catwoman.

JWoww: What is going on?! I didn’t even recognize the Jersey Shore alum. Either girl got some serious work done, or her makeup artist is magic. I love Morticia Addams, but this sexy vamp look is just not working for Jenni. It might be a killer Halloween costume though.

Quvenzhane Wallis: Bad from head to…lace booties. Seriously she look like she’s about to pose for a picture in the Victorian era. Yowza.

Taylor Hill: I feel like this is a newbie red carpet mistake. Glittery/sequins, pink, assumed sexy silhouette and rhinestone shoes. It’s all just bad and something that people like Britney Spears would have worn to her first VMA’s.

Nessa Diab: This would have looked so much better if it was a plain long sleeve black mini. The shoes could need some updating too!

Dascha Polanco: First of all way too casual, bad jeans (circa 2000) and what in that world is with that God awful make shift top!?




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