Mommy Monday’s: Take Home Outfit

I have been asked by about 5 different people “What are you going to take baby Grace home from the hospital in?!”, “Do you have a take home outfit yet?” etc.

I hadn’t obviously given it much thought but I figured, I probably should…she needs to come home in something right?!

Here are my tips for finding the perfect take home outfit:

  1. Remember, not many people are probably going to see this outfit.
  2. You have a newborn…put them in something comfortable. I.E.: Probably not a frilly tutu. They’re a little baby with sensitive skin, be fair!
  3. This is just a personal preference but I like classic pieces and less…tacky pieces. I am not a huge fan of take home outfits that say things like “Here I am world!” or “I’ve arrived!”
  4. Gender appropriate. Now, I know everybody thinks they have the cutest newborn in the world. Am I right? But more times than not…in the first month or so it’s hard for others to immediately identify whether or not your bouncing baby is a girl or boy. So, put them in something that’s either adorably feminine or boyishly cute! If you’re not a pink person, no worries, you don’t have to put your little girl in something that you don’t like! There are a million different colours and patterns out there that scream girl! Or, how about a precious ribbon headband?! So many options.
  5. Have them match. If you have more than one piece of your take home outfit like I do…onesie, hat and blanket, make them cohesive so that when you’re snapping pictures, your baby looks even more adorable than he or she already is!

If you ask me a really good quality onesie that is very soft is the way to go! You have their whole life to put them in adorable outfits. Their first ride home should be the most comfortable of them all! We bought our take home outfit from an amazing boutique in Bocca, Florida called Elegant Child. It is from the company “Kissy Kissy” and her monogramed take home receiving blanket is from the Etsy shop “Monogramme Maison.” It is simple, classic, feminine and SO soft. Her daddy picked it out! Y’all are juts going to have to wait until she arrives to see it. 😉

But in the meantime, I have found some other adorable take home outfits that I think would be perfect for the big day!:


  1. A simple onesie with the letter of their first name is so adorable. If you choose to frame it afterwards, it will be a beautiful piece of art! How cute is the simple little headband too?!
  2. Although onesies are a great option, so are little legging and shirt sets. They are equally as comfortable and make it easy peezy when you need to change your little one’s diaper!
  3. How adorable is this little track suit? I would wear it.
  4. This kind of reminds me of my take home outfit in the fact that it is so feminine and girly and such a classic look. Unmistakably a girl!


  1. How great would this be in the cold winter months?! Your little guy would be snug, warm and look cute enough to eat! Just kidding.
  2. This baby looks so comfortable in his adorable little track outfit.
  3. I love this little boys onesie! So adorable!
  4. Boys can have monogrammed clothes too!!

Lindsay’s Tip: Get a shadow box to put their take home outfit (and even hospital bracelet) in because you are going to want to remember that day! It is a great way to store the outfit but to showcase it at the same time!

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