What’s in My Purse

Some of my favourite magazine articles are the ones that show you what celebrities keep inside their purse. So, I thought it would be fun to show you all what I keep in mine!


The Purse: The purse I am currently using is the black structured Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise. I love it because it’s a great size, but not oversized and it is such a classic design and shape. It goes with everything!

Wallet: If you’re going to have a Kate Spade purse, you might as well have a Kate Spade wallet! The one that I am currently using is the Cedar Street Lacey in Atoll Blue. It’s a great colour for summer and holds all my cards with ease.

Change: I hate having change in my wallet because it makes it so bulky so I have the mini Louis Vuitton change purse.

Passport: Because I am a Canadian living in the U.S., my passport is my ID. To keep it safe and protected I have this burnt orange Coach passport holder. It also has a little section for cards if I ever want to just use a clutch and don’t feel like transferring my entire wallet.

Agenda and Pen: I am obsessed with carrying an agenda. Kate Spade is my personal favourite, not only for the designs but for the way they are organized. NOTE: Pictured is my 2017 agenda that I have already purchased but I am currently still on my 2016 agenda. It is a hot mess and not so photogenic these days! Agenda’s are such a great way to keep organized- they are a life saver when it comes to pregnancy brain! I usually like to keep a cute pen with me too, it just makes organizing that much easier.

Coupons: I love coupons but keeping them organized is hard. A couple years ago I bought this mini Martha Stewart folder and have divided each of the section into different categories to keep my cousins organized and more accessible. Some of the categories include: Household, Products, Food, Restaurants etc.

Beauty: Hey, sometimes you need help throughout the day. I always have some kind of lip chap or lip moisturizer and right now I am currently obsessed with the lip hydrator by Tarte. This colour is “nude” and it does wonders for my lips. Plus, the packaging is so cute! I also always keep a hair elastic, bobby pins, small hand cream, small sample size perfume, small brush, and of course my Skincerity!!

Hydrate: Especially since becoming pregnant I always have a water bottle with me. I have a million different water bottles but the one I am loving the most is the Hydroflask. It seriously keeps your water cold all day!

Keep it Fresh: I keep a bounce sheet flat in the bottom of my purse just to avoid any smells that the purse could adopt.

Food: I always either have mints or gum in my purse because you never know when you’ll need one! I also try to keep a small snack in my purse like a small bag of almonds. Just incase I ever get really hungry and I am not able to grab something I will have a little something something to hold me over.

Other: My cellphone and sunglasses!


What are your must haves in your purse?!

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