In Between Nursery Themes

As I anxiously await the arrival of my daughter, I have been keeping myself busy registering for fun things and planning how I will decorate her nursery!

Right now I seem to find myself in a dilemma between two nursery themes. Now, when I say theme I don’t mean a full out theme. I am really not one of those people who are into overdoing themes because lets face it, a kids mind changes in seconds and they have a new favourite thing every week. In terms of babies, you don’t even know if how you decorate their nursery will even match their style and personality.

So, when it comes to decorating I am a firm believer in subtle themes. Keep it classy.

I thought it would be fun to post my two competing themes and let y’all decide which one you like best!

There are a few pieces in her nursery that I know I am for sure going to have whether I choose theme A or B.

Here are my must haves:

  1. We bought an old French style wood dresser and her daddy is in the middle of painting it a mint green, much like the one in this picture. I love the feminine, soft colour and any type of blue/green in a classy setting always reminds me of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. We thought it would be a great colour alternative to the overused pink.
  2. We have also registered for this Pottery Barn cream and gold polka dot crib quilt. I love the simplicity of it and the neutral tones. Very pretty!


Theme A: Subtle Fairy Tale

Every new parent thinks of their bouncing little baby girl as a princess. So, fairy tale is just an appropriate theme. I am a huge lover of fairy tales and anything magical or outside of reality. I’m all for fantasy!

  1. I love this chandelier from Pottery Barn. Reminds me of Peter Pan. Unfortunately, it is no longer available. But, the point is that it is very whimsical and magical. Actually, this would work for theme B as well now that I think about it.
  2. Black and white “fairytale” pictures- these are Alice in Wonderland drawings. See number 9 as well.
  3. Very Alice in Wonderland, and adorable for hooks!
  4. Precious mobile. Dreamy, clouds.
  5. Anytime I think of fairytale I always think of a forest. Seriously though, how many fairytales can you think of where something doesn’t happen in a forest? So I love the idea of the birch tree change pad cover. I also think it would look great against the mint green dresser!
  6. We have already received this unicorn rocker off our registry and I am in love with it. In fact, I think it’s more for me than the baby. Regardless of the theme this will be one of her toys and will most likely end up in her play area outside of her nursery. BUT, if we did choose this nursery, I will fight very hard to keep it in her room as a decor piece.
  7. Now this is not an exact replica, but Tyler and I have already purchased a white, shabby chic wood ship wheel. Initially, it was for the house but I thought the white colour was so pretty. It could be a ships wheel…AKA Captain Hooks ship…? Yeah? No? Also see theme B.
  8. A fairy door. If I could put this in my house right now without people wondering what is wrong with me I would. Honestly, I will probably do a fairy door regardless of the theme we choose. I will just find or add something that ties in to theme B if I choose so.
  9. Again with the pictures. These remind me of Mother Goose or any Fairy Tale farm animals. So adorable!

Theme B: A nod to the Sea

We live in San Diego…there is not many things more appropriate than a beachy inspired theme! And…her Daddy is a sailor after all!

  1. We have already been gifted with this beautiful picture off our registry. I just love it. NOTE: If we don’t go with this theme, I will hang this picture in the hallway outside the door to her nursery since the rest of our home has beach/nautical inspired decor. It will fit right in. 🙂
  2. A great way to tie back curtains! I would probably do a beige, perhaps burlap style curtain and the rope ties could even be white.
  3. Such a cute basket!!
  4. I have seen a million variations of this type of mirror in San Diego. You can get them in every colour and every thickness but the rope is what really makes it beachy and fun!
  5. I would decorate her crib/rocker with fun pillows that bring some colour into the whole room!
  6. Tyler would make this type of lamp for us with rope straight from his ship! How cool!
  7. I found this diaper pad cover and I think it is so adorable. It comes in several colours but I think this pink would be a nice accent to the mint green dresser!
  8. Again these types of hooks come in every colour under the sun! And, they are not limited to anchors…they have seahorse, mermaids, sand dollars etc.
  9. How cute is this mobile? It kills me. I have a soft spot for seahorses!

*Also: I have the white wood ships wheel that was mentioned in theme B which would clearly tie into this theme!*


Tell me YOUR favourite and if you have any Fairy Tale or Beach/Sea suggestions for our precious girls nursery I would LOVE to hear them!!


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