Tip Tuesday:De-shed Your Furniture!


I have a dog that sheds like crazy. If I don’t sweep every second day then I can basically make a wig out of his hair. Luckily, my mom found this amazing brush for dogs called the FURminator. It claims to be a de-shedding tool and it really does do exactly what it says it does. They’re more expensive than other dog brushes/combs but SO worth it if you have a dog that looses a lot of hair or a dog with long coats.

To get double duty de-shedding out of this bad boy, I actually use it on my furniture- mainly my couch and throw pillows. Let’s face it, if you dog sheds, it’s not just ending up on the floor…it’s everywhere. My dog’s “spot” is on the couch so it is constantly covered in his hair. Using a simple lint roller does absolutely nothing. So one day I tried his brush and within minutes my couch looked BRAND new! It catches all the hair in the little prongs. Just be careful not to go to aggressively, you don’t want to tear the fabric. PS: My friends have couches that have little grooves throughout, almost like a corduroy material and it is almost impossible for them to have a clean couch because the dog hair gets so stuck in the grooves. The FURminator worked AMAZING to collect the dog hair AND it lifted all the “balls” from wear and tear on the couch. Looked like new!

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