Mommy Monday’s: What WON’T Be On My Baby Registry

In October I will be a new mom so of course I have been exploring the world of all things baby. Let me tell you… there are too many things in that world. I was and still a little bit overwhelmed by the amount of things people tell you that you need to buy.

I have decided to make a list of the things that people have suggested I buy, that I think I just don’t need. Hey, in a few months I could be eating my words with this list. The baby is not here yet and truthfully, I don’t know what I’ll need or she’ll need or what I won’t be caught dead without. But for now, here is my list of items that I have decided to keep OFF my registry:


Wipe Warmer: 

I think the idea of a wipe warmer is actually ridiculous. First of all, does your child REALLY need to have warm wipes on his or her butt? I think not. Parents have gotten along fine with regular old wipes for centuries. A big no no I have with this is if you get your child used to warm wipes, whenever you are out and about and your baby needs a diaper change, she won’t have her nice, warm wipes and let me tell you…she will not like the feeling of having the cold wipe on her. Save yourself the hassle and just do it the old fashioned way.


Baby Bullet/Baby Food Maker:

A baby bullet was the very first thing I registered for. I am a firm believer in making my own baby food so OF COURSE I was going to register for this adorable baby food maker. It was not until I read a blog post; similar to the one that I am writing where the mama basically said it was such a waste of space. Yes it’s cute, but if you have a blender…that’s all you need. Duh, of course. Why didn’t I put two and two together?!


Change Table:

Change tables drive me nuts! First of all, they’re not even cute. Second: what a waste of money. I think it is so pointless to have yet another piece of furniture in the nursery that does nothing for the décor. Instead, buy a dresser and put a removable change pad on top! That was once your little one is out of the diaper stage; all you have to do is take the pad off and voila! A dresser that they can use until they’re out of the house!


Diaper Stacker:

I think this one is just personal preference. I definitely agree you need to keep your diapers somewhere accessible and preferably on top of your dresser, but I don’t really love the look of the diaper holders. Instead try opting for decorative wicker baskets. Looks good and it’s more practical!


More than one stroller:

When Babies r’ Us gave me the “Checklist” booklet of everything I need, there was literally like, 4-5 different strollers. Umbrella stroller, jogger stroller, stroller with hydraulics. Just kidding on that last one, but, you get the point. I think you need one great stroller, preferably one where the seat can convert. I bought one that has the basinet option, as well as the regular infant seat option and, I can take those both off and just put the car seat on the attachment. You really don’t need more than one, at least, I don’t think. I’ll keep you updated with that.

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