My Favourite Cleaning Products

It’s inevitable that you are going to have to buy/use cleaning products in your life time, so, why not buy ones that work good?!


I love using cleaning products- they make your job so much easier and make everything smell fresh and clean.

Here are my top favs:

vinegarVinegar: Vinegar is my number one cleaning product. I know, it seems strange, vinegar is for your fries right? WRONG. I always add a cap full of vinegar to my bowl of water when I’m whipping down any surfaces in my house. Honestly, vinegar could technically be one of the only cleaning products you ever need to buy. It works on all surfaces, including glass and even stains. A fun tip, if you don’t have fabric softener or don’t want to buy fabric softener, a cap full of white vinegar is a great alternative. It will not leave your clothes smelling like it, softens your clothing and removes static. There are so many other benefits to using vinegar to clean- google it! Or better yet, try it.

murphysoilMurphy’s Oil: I have a lot of wood surfaces in my home and although I use vinegar on them, I usually add a cap full of murphy’s oil to my already mixed concoction of vinegar and water. It is THE BEST for wood and it smells amazing! Like lemons. Mmm.

methodMethod Glass Cleaner: I love method products. All of their products are biodegradable, and non-toxic. Bonus to these great benefits is that it works AWESOME. I especially like using the method glass cleaner on everything from windows to mirrors! Another great alternative for glass cleaner is Kleen-Flo. 

linenspray Linen Spray: I LOVE linen spray. There is nothing better than having fresh smelling linens to go to sleep in. It’s like I put on a load of laundry every night! Truth me told I don’t have one “favourite.” All linen sprays are really good and their only real cleaning duty is to make your sheets smell good. Just find the scent that works for you! I have been telling myself for months that I was going to make my own – and I will- so I will keep you all updated. 😉

magiceraserMagic Erasers: They really are magic. I love these things they are so durable and I use them EVERYWHERE. Shower grime, microwave splatter, oven and stove mess, finger prints on walls…you name it…they will erase it!


What are some of your favourites?! I love trying new products!



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