Shrimp Boil Packets on the BBQ!

Last night we decided we really wanted to try and do our own shrimp boil! Yum right?! BUT instead of doing it the traditional way in a big ol’ pot, we opted for the grill.

I am happy to say it turned out AWESOME. We did it in two separate batches, just so that we could tweak the second batch as it was a learning experience and our first experiment!



This recipe is for approximately 8 people which is perfect for a summer BBQ party!

Shrimp Boil Packets:

  • 3 lbs of deveined, shelled raw shrimp (try it in the shell, it’s fun to peel and eat your shrimp and it really locks in the flavour!)
  • 2 14 oz packages of smoked sausage, sliced about a 1/4 inch thick (I used the Kroger brand)
  • 5 ears of corn cut into thirds
  • 2 lbs of small red potatoes, quartered (quarter, don’t halve! This was one of our “tweaks” we made in the second round.)
  • 8 tbsp of olive oil
  • 8 tsps of Old Bay seasoning
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. In a large bowl (or in my case, two large bowls) combine all the ingredients and mix until everything is combined
  2. Layout squares of tin foil (we made 8 individual ones) and evenly distribute the mixture. Fold up the sides and grab an extra piece of tin foil for the top. Make sure everything is tucked away tightly in the little pouch.
  3. Heat your BBQ on high and grill for 20 minutes.
  4. Open the packets and sprinkle a little more Old Bay and salt and serve just the way they are!

Some thoughts for next time: the next time I make these yummy little pouches I may add an extra amount of flavour with some cajun mix and maybe a pad of butter on top of each of the mixtures before grilling!

These are so perfect and quick for a party, camping or just a plain old Sunday dinner!

Enjoy! xx

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