Met Gala: Best Dressed

I love the annual Met Gala because the fashion theme of the night is always so extreme and unique, and it really challenges the celebs to get styled in a more daring, out of the box way than they normally would. This years theme was “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology.”

When I think of this theme I go darks and metallic. If I was there, and I wasn’t this year…invitation got lost in the mail I guess…I would have worn something edgy, tight, and showcase a lot of metallic. I also think a sleeked back pony tail would look great and a dark lipstick.

Here were my best dressed of the night:

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Nina Dobrev: Nina is usually found on my best dressed list because she has such great style. She looked really elegant at the gala and the gold looks great with her skin tone.

Taylor Swift: It’s funny because when I first saw this picture I thought she was Taylor Momsen from Gossip Girl. Which, is good, it means she pulled off the dark, punky look. I think it’s great that she went so far out of her innocent style and really grabbed the theme by the balls. ‘Scuse the language. My favourite parts of her look were her dark lipstick and killer heels.

Kendall Jenner: The model looked effortlessly beautiful- as always. I loved her dress and how she took the approach and made a more “fresh” look out of it. Doesn’t her body make you sick? [Says the pregnant girl currently eating ice cream out of the tube.]

Emma Watson: This is a great interpretation of the theme. Edgy, feminine and masculine all in one. Emma looks great! *Best dressed nominee*

Beyonce: I love the look Beyonce chose- its feminine but a little bad ass because of the material. What I am not loving is her eye makeup. I’m not sure if it was intentional, but to me, it looks like she got hit in the eye!

Blake Lively: I noticed a lot of celebrities took this theme and went very feminine and floral with it – and I don’t hate it. Blake’s was one of my favourite in particular. She looks so fresh and pretty.

Cindy Crawford: Very robot chic.

Emma Stone: I love the mix of feminine and masculine! It’s so cool! I don’t know what else to say but that she looks amazing. *Best dressed nominee*

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian-West: This hits the fashion theme on the head! Leave it to the self-proclaimed fashion couple to look the part! The metallics, bling and slicked back hair is exactly what I thought the theme needs!

Emily Blunt & Olivia Wilde: These expectant mamas look awesome! It makes me want to get out of my track pants and fit into a dress. They both nailed the dark, edgy look and they really do look awesome!

Gigi Hadid: The beauty looks really chic and dark with her sexy see through skirt and tight bodice. I love the chunky neck as well- very robot. *Best dressed nominee*

Alessandra Ambrosio: This is a great option showing how you can take feminine and do it a little risque and edgy.

Kate Upton: Classy metallics!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Sometimes less is more. Rosie took a really pretty and simple gown and my adding her metal clasp on the shoulder of the dress, it immediately becomes appropriate for the theme of the night.

Katy Perry: The gown screams extreme couture technology and I love everything about it. With that being said, I hate her hair and I want to shave it off. It would have looked so much better with a tight, sleek pony.

Hailey Baldwin: Super metallic and edgy!

Poppy Delvingne: Loving her light, almost white hair and dark lips! It pulls her entire look together! Not to mention her dress is beautiful.

Demi Lovato: Love Demi’s look. She pulled off this years theme perfectly.

Hailee Steinfeld: I love that Hailee went really different than everyone else. She did the dark thing but made it more elegant by choosing this emerald green colour.

Kylie Jenner: First of all, Kylie looks so cute with her new haircut. So mature on her. This entire outfit was chic, glamorous and really edgy. *Best dressed nominee*

Liberty Ross: This is how you do edgy, gothic and sophisticated.

Orlando Bloom: Even the guys know how to dress for the future!



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