Gender Reveal!

Living in another city, let alone another country is not the easiest of things to do. Luckily, Tyler and I have some of the best friends here in San Diego that have become our second family. Such good friends that they threw us a gender reveal party! How sweet is that?!

Our friends Danielle and Erich took on this task literally the moment I told them we were expecting, and they did not disappoint. They went above and beyond our expectations and it was such a heart warming day to be surrounded by our friends when we found out if we were having a boy or a girl. Calm down people, I’ll get to the reveal…but not until I force you to read my entire post. Muahaha.

Not that I am a gender reveal party expert or anything, but I think usually it is just a party with the soon to be mom and her girlfriends. No? I don’t know. It is usually a baby blue and baby pink theme but in case no one has caught on, that’s not really us. Not that there is anything wrong with that!

Obviously, our friends know this too so instead of the typical theme they went for one that was so us…A Baby BBQ!! For anyone who knows us we BBQ (“grill out”…if you’re American) all the time and we love having people over. Tyler is quite the little grill-master, and we love to think of ourselves as good hosts. Having people over is something we are both extremely into. So, the BBQ theme was spot on. They also incorporated a lot of humour into the decorating which again, is very us. Specifically me with the sexual humour. #YOLO

Anyways, the worst part of this entire ordeal was giving the entertaining/host and hostess reigns to someone else. We’re a little bit of a neurotic, always need to be in control and planning couple. Did I ever mention we were really compatible? Anywho, we got through the day without trying to control what was going on, despite my best intentions, and everything turned out great!



This is the ONLY thing Danielle let me do. Actually she didnt’ really let me, I just defied her wishes. I wanted to get our guests little party favours to show how much we appreciated them. So, for the girls I gave them little mini gender neutral coloured wine (how cute?!) and a mini baby plant. Their baby plant can grow with our baby. šŸ˜‰ For the gentlemen, since I doubt they care about plants, I wanted to give them Jack & Coke since that is Tyler’s favourite drink. Originally I was going to get those little tiny Jack Daniels bottles, but for one which was less than a shot it was $4.19!!! No bueno. So I bought some mason jars and filled them up! Cute, right?!


Ha!! How funny are these containers Danielle made for the regular M&M’s and the ones with nuts. I thought it was pretty dang clever.


Baby BBQ!!


LOL. This cake is very me. I loved it and surprise surprise, the inside revealed the gender as well šŸ˜‰IMG_3695

Take your pick! I thought boy, Tyler picked girl.


Ugh. How precious was her set up. I loved it.


Alright alright calm down I’ll let you know what we’re having….

It’s a ……



I was so surprised/shocked. I really did think it was going to be a boy after the last ultrasound appointment. We are so excited!! Daddy is already planning on going to buy a shotgun. I wish I was kidding…but I’m not. He is thrilled to have a little girl and I am beyond excited. I can’t wait to start buying things! Girls things are so much cuter than boys!


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