Gender Reveal Ideas

I was inspired by the great gender reveal party we had to come up with some other ideas. So I thought of some fresh ideas for the traditionalist that loves the baby pink and blue, the gender neutral colour fanatic and team boy or girl party planners!

I am a firm believer that tacky does not have a place in this world. So even if you’re doing a theme that can sometimes come off as tacky, do it with a little bit of elegance and it will just come across as beautiful.

Baby Pink & Baby Blue:

Food and Beverage:


I love the idea of incorporating the blue and pink colours and making them one! No segregation here! This pink drink with adorable blueberry garnishes are so cute and look refreshing!! BONUS: You can add alcohol or keeps these virgin for the mama to be! At our party Danielle made a delicious lemonade- so appropriate for the Baby Q- and she had the option for people to “spike” it with vodka!


I love these simple little cupcakes with the subtle blue and pink swirls incorporated in the frosting. There is nothing more exciting that biting into a cake/cupcake and seeing bright blue or pink!


I love having a candy table with blue and pink goodies! Instead of serving meals, serve some finger food apps and then have a big ol’ table with goodies!


Another great drink idea.



This is another cute incorporation of both colours. I love mason jars and I try to use them as much as I can. These painted ones are just so adorable, bright and fun and I love that they put the opposite coloured cutlery in the mason jars. Double duo and a great take home accessory for afterwards. TIP: If you are having a girl (for example) take the pink ones and incorporate them into your nursery! Mason Jars are great for holding q-tips, cotton balls etc. <- Do the same with the blue if you’re having a boy!



Okay, so I’m on the fence about this picture because there are some things that I love and some things I could do without. The flowers are beautiful and again, it incorporates the theme into one. I love the pretty blue vase with the pop of pink flowers. Another one of my favourite things to do with flowers- especially if it’s something that needs some gender neutral appeal is use greenery and white flowers! It looks so great.

I am not a huge fan of the frilly, poofy decor that is hanging. The round lanterns are cute but the rest of the decorations I think are very girly.


I love the idea of involving your guests with their estimates on what you’re having! We had a chalkboard with a column that said Beau and another that said Bow and our guests were asked to mark what they thought we were having (our guests were right!). This is another great way to get a view of what everyone thinks, and it’s a really adorable take away gift that you can hang in your babies nursery!

Party Favours:


Simple, yummy and it clearly states gender reveal.

The Reveal:


The balloon reveal is still my favourite way to reveal the gender because it’s such a fun surprise, everyone is involved and the pictures/videos are so cute. But, here is another really cute idea!


Gender Neutral Colours:

Our gender reveal was not blue and pink because we are really not that type of people. Instead we had a BBQ theme so there was red and white plaid which was so perfect for us. Here are some other gender neutral coloured ideas.

Food and Beverage:


Danielle used this idea at our party but I had to share because I just thought it was too cute not to.


Fun fruit display!!


This yummy drinks would be a crowd pleaser for sure!



To me, when I think of a gender neutral colour I think of yellow. Now, normally I am not a huge fan of yellow but when you pair it with the idea of a bumblebee!? So precious. I love how this particular party was set up it looks very classy  and so well put together. Everything looks very coordinated and it is definitely gender neutral!!


I think these little animal cutouts are just so cute to hang around the party in place of  ribbon or garland. It is a nice way for your guests to sign something and possibly give the soon to be parents their own advice!

Party Favours:


Cute little bags of popcorn with an oh-so-appropriate tag.


Again tying into the bumblebee theme, how appropriate are these mini honey jars?! Just precious and kind of wish I had thought of them. They’re so little and cute.

The reveal:


Neutral cake with a fun surprise!


Another balloon reveal, with the bumblebee theme!

Team Boy or Team Girl:

There are so many her side/his side things you can do- we had Beau and Bow- here are some other ideas:

-Boots and Bows

-Guns and Glitter

-Touchdowns or Tutus

The elements to your team boy/girl party really depend on what your theme is. So for example, if it’s guns and glitter you can incorporate some rustic boy things (maybe rustic wood) with really feminine accents.

Food and Beverage:


Cute little cakes/cupcakes.



I’m not a huge fan of these in particular, but I like the idea of your guests wearing what they vote for. An example is if it’s boots or bows, if you are team boy, where your boots, for the girls wear a bow in your hair or as a belt etc.



Cute banner!


Great idea for the guns and glitter idea. These would be really cute in jars for display or laid out on the table.


Party Favours:


This is kind of the idea I used for my gift favours. I like the idea of one that is more girly for the women and one that is more towards the taste of men.

The Reveal:



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