Oscars 2016: Best Dressed

Who loved the Oscars this year?! I did! I did! Go Leo!!!

This year, while taking a quick look at my best and worst dressed list, I am sad to say I think there are far more “worst dressed” than I have best. So, for those who did make it, bravo! I think a lot of my picks for best dressed are simple, classic styles but hey, that’s okay. It’s not called a classic for nothin’!

Here are my best dressed for the Oscars and the Vanity Fair after party:

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Rachel McAdams: Rachel got a double whammy on my best dressed list! For starters, her amazing Emerald green, low cut, satin dress. I thought it was so classy, and so sexy. Just perfect! The second dress she wore to the after party was also a stunner! The style of the dress was very similar to the one she wore on the red carpet, but the look was completely changed when she opted for the soft, feminine blush colour. She was definitely a show stopper last night!! **Best dressed**

Sam Smith: I loved his put together suit, new short do and his beard! It looks great on him.

Jennifer Lawrence: JLaw could wear a bag and I would be okay with it. One of the trends of the night was the sheer look. There were several disasters but JLaw pulled it off and made her Dior Haute Couture gown a winner! Her hair also looked great last night- I’m loving the bob these days! I am obsessed with her after party look- a little more casual but still completely glamourous. She wore a fun crop top and skirt combo that had an amazing slit and really edgy, fun detailing.

Chris Rock: The host of the show looked super fly last night in his monochromatic suit and wicked Christian Louboutin shoes!

Charlize Theron: Much like Rachel McAdams, Charlize killed the simple, low cut sexy look which was topped off beautifully by her pulled back hair and beautiful pendant.

Reese Witherspoon: Reese likes to keep it classy and simple, but that’s okay because she pulls it off every single time. She looks beautiful and blue is definitely one of her colours!

Tina Fey: Another simple, classic and beautiful look.

Jennifer Garner: I hope Ben Affleck was watching because Jennifer looked HOT at the Oscars AND the after party! She is definitely rockin’ the revenge look. Although she opted to wear the same dress at both events, she still looked amazing. If I looked that great I wouldn’t have changed either!

Chrissy Teigen: The mom to be was another sheer winner. I loved the way she dressed up her bump and took a really elegant approach to her red carpet appearance.

Olivia Munn: This was definitely a bold choice that I think could have gone either way. The downside would that she would have looked like a cast member of Orange is the New Black. Luckily for Olivia orange is one of her colours! She looked amazing thanks to her dark, exotic features! I also loved that she wore a matching lipstick. I wouldn’t have thought of that because of the “too much orange” issue- but it worked!

Sophie Turner: The adorable Game of Thrones star looked awesome last night! She wore a completely eco-friendly, sustainable dress that I thought was such a great statement. Not only was it great for the environment, but it was super pretty and she looked really well put together. On any other pale woman I think this dress would have washed them out, but her amazing orange hair completely contrasted and complimented her dress.

Priyanka Chopra: Another sheer winner! Apparently there were more than I realized. Priyanka looked so pretty and classy in this dress. It fit her body beautifully.

Maria Menounos: This was one of the only glittery and sparkly dresses of the night that I actually really loved and didn’t associate with a prom dress! It was so pretty and well tailored and Maria’s hair looked awesome!

Lady Gaga: Leave it to Lady Gaga to make a bold fashion statement, right?! Lately, she has been on point with her style choices. So long are the days of meat dresses! This architecturally interesting pant suit/cape/skirt was so cool, and so her. She has really become a fashion icon and made her mark. Her bold, yet at the same timeless and sophisticated fashion choices have showcased who she is as a person and an artist- and this amazing outfit did just that!

Taylor Swift: I would definitely buy and wear this super sexy black low neck, high-slit dress that TSwift rocked. I just cannot get passed this awful bob she has been sporting lately. Not cute or sexy!

Kate Upton: Kate sure knows how to show off the girls! They definitely are her best assets. Although her boobs are clearly center stage here, she really did look beautiful. She always looks years beyond her age, and this was no exception. She looked great.

Miranda Kerr: Miranda knows how to do cutouts! The model absolutely works whatever she wears, and looked really beautiful, classy and sexy!

Rebel Wilson: I loved this dress on Rebel Wilson!! It fit her so well, and looked so great on her!! I just wish she would have done more with her hair and makeup. Her makeup is minimal for such a great dress, and her hair looks like she just rolled out of bed!

Hailee Steinfeld: I gotta give it to her. Even though she’s young, she’s got a style any grown woman would die for. I love love love this dress. She looks so mature and amazing in it. **Best Dressed**

Nina Dobrev: My fellow Canadian! I just love her. I tend to like 99% of the things she wears- she has great style. This gown was so feminine and pretty on her, and I loved the pop of bright pink on her belt! Winner!

Kate Beckinsdale: I loved the simplicity of Kate’s dress, but it was the unique top that really sparked my interest. I’m trying to find a word to describe it. It’s simple, yet complex…I don’t know it just worked really well all together and I thought she looked great!

Lily Collins: Loved Lily Collins 20’s inspired look. She went all out from the dress, to the hair and makeup! So great, and it really went well with her look.

Sofia Vergara: Sophia’s VF party gown made the best dressed list! She knows what works for her curvaceous body, and she does it well! Always a stunner.

Jessica Alba: I loved this look for the after party! I would actually wear this entire outfit to a nice dinner. It’s really pretty and versatile. I love when Jessica wears white too- it looks so great against her skin! She did a great job pairing the light dress with big, bold accessories.

Mindy Kaling: The hilarious actress looked really beautiful in her Salvador Perez gown. She looked very classy and glamourous! Loving her hair!!

Who was your best dressed choice?!

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