Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For the Men

Awe man did I totally forget to include gifts for the men in your life?! Sorry boys. Have no fear, I have some ideas for the gents too!

Something they can’t resist:


Let’s be real here. There is not a man in the world who doesn’t love to see his girl in feminine, sexy lingerie. Even if you don’t think you look great in it (c’mon, I bet you do), I promise he won’t be able to take his eyes off of you! There are a million different styles, colours and fabrics to choose from ranging from pretty inexpensive to quite costly!

A Favourite:


Get him something little that you know he loves! A jar of his favourite candy, bottle of booze he loves, case of his main beer etc. He will certainly appreciate it and it shows you know him well.

A little traditional goes a long way:

home cooked

Sometimes going a little old school, throwing on an apron and cooking a delicious home cooked meal is the best gift! Although my boyfriend loves home cooked meals, I do it almost every night so we may just go out for dinner- which is always a great option and nice treat for a special day!

Personalize it:


Give him something unique by personalizing something he may love. A knife, wallet, water bottle, golf balls, beer glass etc. For Christmas I gave my boyfriend golfballs with his name on them in his stocking and he thought it was a great idea! Men like having branded things 😉

A little extra:


If you want to spend a little extra dough how about a great watch? To top it off you could get it engraved. Has too many watches? Yeah I hear ya…I had to buy my boyfriend a watch box for all of his. How about concert tickets to see his favourite singer/band, or tickets to see a sporting event where your man can cheer on his favourite team.

The possibilities are endless, just sit down and think about what your man would really like and appreciate…you’ll be sure to think of great ideas!

What are some great ideas you have for the men in your life? Share below!


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