Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and that means one of two things:

a) You’re going to spend a romantic (hopefully) day with your significant other or

b) You’re going to eat a box of chocolates you bought on clearance while watching Netflix alone and quietly (or loudly) cursing the couples of the world.

If you are “a” you love Valentine’s, but if you’re “b”…cheer up…be your own Valentine!

When it comes to Valentine’s it’s always nice when your significant other gives you a little something something to show they remembered this is a holiday celebrating your relationship. The traditional flowers and chocolate are always great, but here are a couple of new ideas that your girl will love!

PS: If you don’t have a significant other, who cares? Go buy something for yourself, stare at your reflection in the mirror and repeatedly express your love for “you.” It’ll kill a few hours of the day.

Traditional gift with a twist:


Now THIS is my type of chocolate!

This is the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow palette. Isn’t it beautiful!? I have had my eye on this baby for a while. If your girl likes to do her makeup…or she has a face, trust me, she’ll love you for this!

Something for the home:


How cute are these mugs!? I actually have these exact mugs in my home. These would be a perfect gift for you and your sweetie if you love having your morning coffee (or tea) together!

Inexpensive but impactful: 


Nothing is better than putting your memories into a gift! A scrapbook, framed picture or collage is always a good idea!! It shows you really took the time and effort into your gift, and usually, it’s very inexpensive.

Just the two of you:











In all honesty, there is nothing better than a night with the person you are celebrating this day with. ALONE. Plan a day doing fun things together, a nice dinner, bottle of wine (I’ll take a beer…), a fun night out etc. Just you and them- trust me they will really appreciate the one on one attention.

Go all out ($-$$$):


If you really just want to get your girl jewellery for Valentines, there are so many options!

$- I’m going to say about 70% of females have some sort of charmed bracelet these days. I myself have an old school tiffany dangle charm bracelet AND a pandora bracelet. Giving them a charm to add to their collection is always a great idea! (Picture above is a few of the pandora love charms.)

$$- If you’re willing to spend a little more money how about a beautiful necklace or earrings? Make sure they match your girls style!

$$$- Of course, if you want to go all out in the jewellery/love/romance department…why not hit her with a Valentines proposal?! That’ll be a valentines to remember (and top)!

Something fun but fitting:


These Charmed Aroma candles are all the rage! I have gone through (destroyed) two of them! They’re fairly in expensive candles ($25.00), also candles=romance=valentines, and they smell great. Ya ya you can get good smelling candles anywhere, that’s not the best part. In every candle there is a hidden ring that can be taken out once the wax melts. Each ring is worth between $10-$5000 dollars and honestly, even the cheap ones are pretty. I had one that was appraised for $50 and another for $60 dollars and I really liked them. The best part was the anticipation…my poor candle didn’t even get the chance to melt down before I dug my knife in there. I’m impatient.

A Basket:


I know it’s weird, but there are probably not a lot of things in life that I love more than a gift basket. I love giving them, making them, getting them, ugh..I love them. Keep in mind a gift basket doesn’t have to only be a wicker basket…it can be anything from a bin, to a wooden salad bowl, to a shoe box. Basically anything that has a vessel to hold smaller things. The best part of a gift basket is you can DIY and tailor it to your budget. If you want it to be inexpensive but thoughtful fill it with her favourite candies, a DVD for you to watch together, a box of hot chocolate etc. You can also make “themed” ones- if she is a foodie or loves to cook, buy her some great salts, dips, cooking utensils etc.! How about a basket that is all about relaxation (great for new moms)? This can include a gift card for a massage, a nice candle, and a comfy pair of slippers. Or…if you’re not the traditional romantic type and you’re more…how do you say?? Sexual…then make a fun basket for the two of you to use after hours. If you know what I mean! Do you know what I mean? Oh lord I hope so. Some fun coupons ;), pretty lingerie, handcuffs…Alright this is getting weird you can use your imagination, you freak!

Really, Valentines isn’t about giving or getting gifts at all, but about the person you love and spending the day celebrating your relationship. Don’t fuss too much about what to get your significant other, instead, focus on why you love each other and what this day really means.

Enjoy! xx



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