Trip Review: Big Bear, CA

For my boyfriends birthday he really wanted to try snowboarding, so, this past weekend a group of us drove to the mountains (Big Bear) to test our luck on the slopes. It’s kinda of ironic that the first time I try snowboarding (as a Canadian) it’s in California…is that an oxymoron?

Looking like professional boarders 

Anyways, we rented a beautiful cabin that was a 10 minute drive from the actual hills- which I actually liked a lot better than being right near the hustle and bustle, and all the traffic. We rented gear and bought our lift tickets for Saturday and Sunday. I was so nervous to try snowboarding because first of all, I do not consider myself an athlete, second, I have zero balance and third we weren’t taking ANY lessons…as per my boyfriends request. He didn’t really think through the fact that he’s an athletic person that picks up sports easily and I…well…I’m not.

Surprisingly, I was not horrible. We started on the bunny hill, which was difficult because a)I knew nothing, not even how to tie my boots, and b) there were about 3 million people who were just as bad as me on this hill… and none of us knew how to stop.

So this is how it went:
Tyler (my boyfriend): I’m going to go to the top of the bunny hill and figure it out.
Lindsay: Babe…why don’t you ask someone the basics and then try.
Tyler: Nah. [Get’s on the board and shreds down the hill like he’s Shawn White.] Alright well let’s go to the green hill.
Lindsay: [Stil trying to attach my boots to the board.]

Luckily, the green hill, which was basically mount everest, was way easier to learn on than the bunny hill. It was an incline but nothing crazy, a really long ride so it gave you a lot of time to get going and stop, and there weren’t a million people around, and when there were they at least knew how to stop.


On the ski lift…nice face John.


The view from the bottom of the blue hill…yes…the bottom.




The girls taking pictures while the boys get the stuck truck out of the snow. 🙂


Happy Birthday Babe!

My downfall in this whole experience?
1. Every time I got off the lift…I fell…and then got yelled at since I basically just laid there.
2. My legs would KILL me and I would have to stop and sit down on my butt until I got the feeling back in my legs. If that didn’t happen, I can confidently say I would have made it all the way down the hill without whipping out (maybe).
3. The evil blue hill.

The Blue Hill:

After we (and by we I mean my boyfriend) mastered the green hill, we went to the next level…the blue hill…intermediate level.
Let me walk you through it:
1. The first part of the hill is flat as opposed to an incline so I had no control of my board.
2. I took my board off about 5 times to walk to where the rest of my friends were.
3. I slid into a tree.
4. Got stuck in the tree.
5. No one came to get me out of the tree.
6. After finally saving myself from the stupid tree, I started again on my board.
7. Still not a huge incline, the sides of the hill are a complete drop off and there are no fences. What the hell!? Where are the stinkin fences?!
8. After throwing my board I got to a point where there was a decent slope and I shredded down the slope.
9. The boys took off and I was with my friend Amy.
10. We came to the edge that leads to the next incline. This incline might as well been a 90 degrees angle.
11. Choices: die, or slide down on your butt.
12. Conclusion of the blue hill: great for sliding, not great for amateur boarding.

So, with that being said we had a GREAT weekend. Learning to board was so much fun, the views were breath taking, staying in a beautiful cabin surrounded by snow felt like home, and time with friends was such a plus. We all agreed it was something we had to do again.

My advice to anybody living in California or visiting California is to go to Big Bear. If you want a weekend of activity or you just want to do something other than go to the beach, it is a great place to visit. Five stars!!


The gang!

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