Making God a Part of your Everyday Life

Sometimes all you need is a different perspective on life to appreciate your blessings.


One of my favourite ways to connect with God that I honestly just discovered/started this part year since I moved to California, was a daily devotional.

My boyfriend has a couple of devotionals that he reads every night- every passage is different and relates to different versus in the bible and day to day struggles and realities. When I started reading nightly passages with him I was surprised to find so many nights I related to what I was reading in some way. What I thoroughly enjoy about daily devotionals are that they are short and sweet but they really make you think and looking at situations in another fashion.

I decided that although I liked his devotionals, one entitled “Devotions for the God Guy” was probably not the best for me. So, after Church one day we went to the gift shop and I was overwhelmed by the variety of devotionals. There was everything from a basic daily devotional, one for the married couple, one for parents to be, so on and so forth.

Tyler and I came across this one and at first, it was the cover that caught my attention, but after reading the title “Devotions for the Beach…and the days you wish you were there” seemed so appropriate and perfect. Tyler and I both love the beach, and living in California we thought it would be a great devotional for us to read together every night.

This light and themed devotional has been something I genuinely look forward to each night. With devotions entitled things associated to the beach such as “Metal Detector, Sand Oats etc.” they take such simple things, connect them with bible versus and associate them with daily situations, just like any devotional. I just love how these devotions start off with a passage, discuss the beach inspired thing they are talking about, and then relate to something that everyone is going through. It seems every one I read has to do with something I am going through at that time- but I guess God just works in mysterious ways! There are no coincidences in this life.

I suggest everyone go and find a devotional that is perfect just for them. There are SO many out there and it may surprise you how much it helps you and puts you at ease. It definitely surprised me!



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