Be Healthy: Starting NOW!

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Hi Guys!


So, recently I have taken the initiative to live a healthier lifestyle. I am a fairly avid gym-goer already, but working out and being healthy seems more of a chore rather than a desire.

Of course everyone wants to feel and look better, but let’s face it…it’s hard work.

I came across a program called “The Fit Girl’s Guide”- it is really inexpensive and they send you a program that you download, or in my case print it out and put it in a cute binder!

It is completely catered towards women and it is so fun and well-written and it is really an inspiring guide to living a healthier lifestyle. I highly recommend it for beginners, or even people who want to shake up their routines.

Here’s a tip for anyone looking to start being healthy: DRINK WATER!! We have milk jugs that we have marked with how much we should drink by each time throughout the day. Water flushes things out of your system, fills you up and has so many beneficial properties (including the fact that it’s amazing for your skin)! Water is sometimes boring though, which marked it hard to drink. Try adding some fruits and herbs and making your own delicious infused water!!

Good luck!!

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  1. You can do it! I’ve lost 50lbs and I still have 20 to go x I blog about my progress and weigh ins and I’ve currently stayed the same weight now for 16 weeks! I went from 220lbs to 169lbs and I couldn’t thank myself enough, good luck on your journey x you’ll do an amazing job! Can’t wait to see more xxxx

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