Furious 7: The Review

Furious 7


If any of you, life me, are big Fast and Furious fans, then you have been much anticipating the seventh instalment. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

The Fast and Furious family was shook to the core in 2013 when one of their lead stars Paul Walker suddenly passed away due to a car wreck. While they were in the middle of filming the 7th instalment, all those involved decided to continue with the movie to pay tribute to their brother.

The directors chose to use as much footage of Paul as they could, and then sub in his brothers to play his body double. The movie and body double was almost seeming-less perfect and I think turned out amazing. Although there was definitely some parts where you could tell it was Walker’s brother as appose to him, you wouldn’t if you hadn’t been looking for it like I was. Even though you can tell at times, I think it is charming and amazing that they kept his story alive.

Like every Fast and Furious movie there was awesome action, even better cars (including the oh so sexy 1970 Dodge Charger “drool”), a little bit of romance and family loyalty.

There were also some heartbreaking “Brian” scenes paying homage to his character. There is an over the phone scene between Brian and Mia where he tells her this may be goodbye and they exchange their love for each other, but the kicker was the ending scene. They closed off the film with realizing Brian can longer live the life of fast cars and bullets and that he needs to leave that behind to be a husband and father. The very last scene is Dom and Brian in their traditional side by side car racing position riding together one last time then taking different paths.

It was so heart breaking. Vin Diesel has said that there is likely to be an 8th instalment, and although I would love for there to be new Fast and Furious movies every year, I think that it just would not be the same without Brian. They ended this movie so perfectly, and it was such a nice tribute to Paul and the entire franchise that I think it would be perfect to end  the entire saga with that.


What did you all think of the movie?!

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