Coachella 2014

So, it is Coachella season again. For those of you who live under a rock and have no idea what Coachella is, I will explain.

Coachella is a music and art festival held every year in California. A-list people attend this event and it is a much anticipated event!

Style at Coachella makes headlines in every magazine imaginable. Coachella style is all about comfort, hippie, and bohemian chic. Here are some of the fashion we saw from celebrities at this years festival:


As you can tell by the fashion, there is an obvious Coachella style trend.

Fringes, hats, color, shorts, headbands, face jewels, and lace!

Here are my top 5 must have items you need to attend Coachella:

Sunglasses: Let’s be real, you need a solid pair of shades when you’re going to be outside all day!



Fringe: A huge trend at these festivals! Everyone rocks fringe, it’s a must!


Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Headwear: Any type of headwear is a must! First of all, it makes sense when you’re outside all day, second it’s the fashion! Whether it is a floppy hat, or the ever popular floral wreath headpiece or my personal favorite the chain headpieces- either of these are a winner!

Bag: You need a great bag that won’t get in the way. One like this that can wrap around your body- even better it has fringes! Double duty!

Boots: Having boots is a must. You’re walking around, you need support. Combat boots, cowboy boots, they all work!





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