2014 Oscars: Worst Dressed

I am very happy to say there were NOT a lot of looks that made my worst dressed list! There were so many beautiful fashions that it was hard to find a lot that I didn’t like. Here are the ones that did make the list:

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Pharrell Williams: I think this is self explanatory. Like, why? First of all it’s not summer, second, you’re at the Oscars.

Zooey Deschanel: I love Zooey, she’s so quirky and fun. Which is why the pattern of this dress suits her, I just wish it looked better.

Diane Kruger: You’re at the Oscars and I can see your underwear.

Anna Paquin: I am not loving the top of this dress, it looks like her twins finger painted on her.

Greta Gerwig: This looks like a dress the mother of a bride would wear, who has no fashion.

Irina Shayk: There is a difference between looking sexy and looking trashy. This is it.

Rashida Jones: Well then…this is confusing. Not too sure what made her look in the mirror and think “this looks great”.

Emma Roberts: Just too much red! Moderation is key Em!

Anna Kendrick: This dress is way too old for such a young girl to wear. I wish she would have gone with the dress she wore to the Vanity Fair party!

Ireland Baldwin: Love the color, the dress looks like it just came out of a paper shredder.

Liza Minelli: Well…I wasn’t expecting Liza to come out wearing something like Jenna Dewan-Tatum…but come on! Bad!

Portia de Rossi: To me, Portia’s hair looks greasy! This dress starts off pretty but then ends up looking like a large doily!

Kris Jenner: Mama Kris is looking rough. Her daughters rocked their outfits so well, and Kris looks frumpy. Her outfit makes her look overweight, which she is not. Confused?!

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