Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Let’s face it, men have a hard time as it is picking out gifts, never mind when it’s a holiday to completely celebrate their relationship and love for one another. Here is my gift guide for great Valentine’s gifts:

Traditional Gifts:

If you really have no clue as to what to get your significant other for Valentine’s day, don’t worry, sticking to the basics are always a good idea!


I don’t know any woman who wouldn’t love a new piece of jewellery to add to her collection. If you are going with jewellery, it’s a nice touch to keep it within the theme of the holiday (think hearts, red and pink, xo etc.).


I love the idea of taking the time to show how much you truly care by making or preparing a gift on your own. Valentine’s Day is not about gifts, it’s about love, and what says I love you better than something homemade? A festive breakfast in bed, a collage of your favorite pictures, reasons why they love you written out on a deck of cards, etc.


Veer away from the typical and do something totally unexpected. How about a journal for her to write in about your relationship? Anything personalized is so adorable, love tokens that she can cash in at any time or even some home décor to showcase how much you love each other.

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