Paul Walker

Something I have been meaning to post about is the sudden tragic death of actor Paul Walker.I personally was a huge fan of Paul Walker and The Fast and Furious franchise and was so shocked and saddened by the news of his death.Besides being a fantastic actor Paul was a charitable hero. His charity Reach Out World Wide is a group of professionals with first responder skills that travel and help out areas that have been struck by natural disasters.It is an amazing organization that did, and will continue to do an extreme amount of good.Paul has been quoted saying: “When you put goodwill out there it’s amazing what can be accomplished.”Everyone should try and live in the example set by this amazing man who lost his life too soon.It is unfortunate that the night of his accident, Paul and his close friend Roger Rodas were at a charity event for ROWW and they decided to go for a thrill ride and neither men returned.Paul was such a car enthusiast, you could see it for the love and passion he had for the movies that it is even more heartbreaking but at the same time amazing that he died doing what he loved.Sending lots of love to his friends and family, co-stars and especially his daughter.If you were a fan, or just want to make a difference go to Reach Out Worldwide and donate- every bit counts.On top of that, by purchasing the new Fast 6 movie that was just released, the franchise will be donating a portion of the proceeds to Paul’s organization.

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