2013 AMA’s: Worst Dressed

I had some surprising best dressed at the AMA’s and some just as surprising disapointments! Here are my worst dressed of the night:

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Jennifer Hudson: I was pretty disappointed with JHud’s dress for the AMA’s. The colors were a bit crazy and I hate the awkward cut off of the dress. A high low dress is supposed to be flowy and transition really well from short to long, but this one has such a straight cut off that it doesn’t look appealing at all!

Zoe Saldana: There is nothing I like about this hideous dress. The pattern is really weird, and moving in a weird direction and that random color block of baby blue satin? So bad.

Kelly Osbourne: As a fashion icon and critic Kelly should always be looking top notch. This dress was not her best look. It made her look so much larger than she actually was! She is such a tiny woman, that I hate how she wore a dress that cut off above the ankles!! Makes her lump very stumpy. Those shoes aren’t even the right color for this sparkly gray dress?! What were you thinking Kelly!? I have always loved Kelly’s lilac hair, and I love the fun spikes she had in them, but the bangs need to go. She has a rounder/square face and those bangs just make her look heavy!

Sarah Silverman: Sarah definitely underwhelmed in this bright yellow dress that didn’t even fit her properly.

Emma Roberts: Great hair and makeup, looks like you are wearing a space bag…size xxl.

Ariana Grande: I didn’t love Ariana’s Jessica Rabbit inspired dress at all. She unfortunately can’t pull it off because she is too adorable and doesn’t have the curves to rock it. This dress would look amazing on someone like JLO or Naya Rivera. To add to that, I wish Ariana would do something different with her hair!! She has such nice hair, I am getting so sick of the little half up half down pony tail!

Heidi Klum: Heidi did not pull of the fringe and lace look very well. I loved her hair, makeup and jewellery and I wish she would have worn a long simple black dress because then she would have killed it! Right now it looks like she went through the shredder.

Jamie Alexander: To me, one of the most important things while wearing clothes is to own it. Jamie looks so uncomfortable in this jumpsuit, and it’s not even that bad. She could have totally rocked it but she just doesn’t look confident. Her hair pulled back with the short bangs was a total miss.

R.Kelly: Yowza. I don’t even know…

Katy Perry: I think this dress was way too puffy for Katy. It overwhelmed her and took away from her entirely.

Aubrey O’Day: Apparently Aubrey didn’t get the memo…she thought this was a Halloween party so she dressed up as a slutty devil. What is with the boobs?! Take a tip from Naya Rivera on how to show cleavage in a classy way, and the bottom of that dress. Yikes.

TLC: Well then…I think they’re a little outdated.

Rihanna: I didn’t like this outfit at all, I think most of all the bottom of the skirt. It’s just confusing and not flattering on such a beautiful woman!

Zendaya: First of all Zendaya’s hair is wayyyyy too long. Like way. She is getting swallowed by this mound of white fabric. She is clearly trying to be fashion forward and taking tips from people like Rihanna, but it just doesn’t work for her. Maybe she’s too young?

Carly Steel: This is such a horrible dress. Like did she really look at it one day and say wow, this is beautiful, I am going to wear it to the AMA’s?!

Mayra Veronica: Two words-> Bad Cutouts.

Lil Mama: So…I am a little torn. On one hand I think Lil’ mama looks so fantastic. Her body, her makeup, I mean she really does look classy and beautiful. On the other, I don’t think you should match your hair to your dress. And that hair is wow a little oompa loompa. Could you imagine how amazing she would look without the green hair if she removed that black and green vest? Yeah, amazing.


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