2013 AMA’s: Best Dressed

There were so many amazing dresses this year at the AMA’s- I even had a few best dressed surprises.

Here are my best dressed of the night:

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Taylor Swift: Taylor looks really pretty in this gold mini! It is very appropriate for the event, and it doesn’t look like she’s trying too hard to be super sexy, or super innocent. She really does have killer legs so I love that she is working them.

One Direction: As usual, these 5 boys are gorgeous. Always great dressers, always look cohesive. Brilliant. PS: Loving Liam…he’s looking like a Burberry model. Yum.

Christina Aguilera: I have always loved Christina Aguilera, I don’t know what it is lately but I am obsessed with her! Her look lately has been very glamorous with an old Hollywood spin, as we can see here. She has the perfect look to pull this off. LOVE.

Bonnie McKee: I actually love this look that Bonnie has going on. Her ombré mermaid inspired hair looks great against her skin tone- she look looks pretty. To go with her mermaid hair, this mermaid dress looks amazing on her body! I think her bright hair with this simple gown is actually pretty beautiful.

Naya Rivera: For those of you who follow my blog, you know how much I love Naya Rivera. I think she is one of the most beautiful woman in Hollywood! She does have a theme of wearing black, sexy dresses but they look so good on her. Why fix what’s not broken? This stunning floor length, long sleeved gown is so so beautiful, and that plunge cut out?! Amazing. I love that she decided to pair the look with gold jewellery, I think it really goes with her personality. Best dressed of the night!

Kendall and Kylie Jenner: Omg! I don’t know which sister looks better! Kendall and Kylie are definitely giving their older sisters a run for their money lately. They really know how to dress, work the red carpet, and compliment each other. Ps: Loving Kylie’s bangs! So cute.

Jake Owen: Oh Jake, you country boy, work it! Love his jacket.

Nicole Richie: Nicole has always been a fashionista, and she did not disappoint at the AMA’s! She looks clean, classy and is showing a little something something with the cut outs in the side of her dress.

Lady Gaga: Ok… this is weird. I never thought I’d have Lady Gaga on my best dressed list. First of all, I am loving this whole Lady Godiva thing she had going on…from her look to her entrance on the horse…kind of brilliant. Second, this lilac is an amazing, amazing color on the singer. Third, how amazing does she look without weird things on her face? She looks so fresh and beautiful. I think she really impressed while still staying true to herself. Love!

Miley Cyrus: Here was another surprised best dressed of the night! Miley lately has been very off, but she really did look classy and sexy in this white pant suit with simple black pumps. Really pretty! And, thank the friggin gods her eyebrows are back.

JLO and Casper Smart: No one can compare to JLO. The singer looked beautiful (although she looks kind of high in this picture?) as always. Her body forming gown is very her!

Jenna Ushkowitz: The Glee actress looked really great at the AMA’s! Sometimes she doesn’t make the best fashion choices, but I loved her look last night! Orange is definitely her color, and I am loving the plunge and love that she added a little bit of sparkle in her long necklace!

Daisey Fuentes: Loving this monochromatic Daisey wore! The top is so pretty and interesting and then the simple bottom really pulls it together. Her makeup and hair are spot on!


Who was your best dressed at the 2013 AMA’s?!

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