The 31 Days of October: Day 9: Harry Potter Candles

I found these one of a kind candles by chance on Etsy at the shop FrostBeard about a year ago.These soy candles have become my all time favorite things. Not only are they amazing Harry Potter themed, but they smell amazing. The scents are Dumbledore’s Office and Butterbeer, and they literally smell how you would imagine they would.

They are an amazing price (less than $20.00 for the pair) and they are decent size candles that last a long time.The owner description given of these smells are as followed:
Butterbeer: Warm and cozy with Butterscotch overtones and hints of butter rum; a completely unique scent. It smells delicious, and would be a great candle to keep in the kitchen.Dumbledore’s Office: A cozy blend of wood and earthy tones make it easy to imagine yourself curled up with a book or peering through shelves of wonderment in Dumbledore’s office! Cedar-vanilla, teakwood and lemon! Simply amazing. These candles are available for purchase here!

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