Important and Valuable Information


I recently learnt something I truly did not know, and thought it should be shared with all women (and men!)

Most anti-agent products have an ingredient in them, that legally does not need to be listed on the ingredients due to shocking loop holes- that being that they are “trade secrets.”

These ingredients cause an unbalanced level of hormones in a body which leads to cancer, especially breast cancer.

Skincerity has been tested and it 150% does not carry this harmful ingredient. This is HUGE and is something that people need to pay attention to.

October is breast cancer month and every bit of preventative information helps.

Be smart, stop using these products and try something that is clinically tested and proven to be safe of harmful toxins.

To buy an amazing and SAFE product go here.

To become an influential distributor for an amazing product, and help change lives e-mail:

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