Worst Dressed: 2013 Emmy Awards

There were some really amazing fashion choices at last nights Emmy Awards, but, like always there are those few who just won’t make the cut. Here are my worst dressed:

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Lena Dunham: The “Girls” creator and star just did not look good last night. This dress was wayyyyyyy too big, did not suit her and her large tattoo, awful eye makeup and poorly styled hair just add to the confusion.

Amanda Peet: Everything from the neck up looks great on Amanda, her hair looks cute and her makeup is done well. This dress on the other hand…It would look a lot better if this dress stopped at the knee where the underneath section ends. The extra chiffon fabric just weighs her down and makes her look frumpy instead of sophisticated.

Zosia Mamet: This was a custom design dress that should never have been made. Wthe hell is with the top portion of this dress?! If that random black bandeau strap and white netting was not there, this dress would not have been half as bad as a strapless gown. Fail.

Jessica Paré: Sorry to burst your bubble Jessica, but you look like you’re wearing a parachute. It’s awful… but I like yours shoes.

Carrie Underwood: Now, it’s not that I hate this dress, or even think Carrie looks bad in it for that matter. What I don’t like is it reminds me of a prom gown, actually I’m pretty sure a girl in my graduating class wore the exact same one. That type of material should only ever be worn to prom. Carrie is so into the princess gowns lately and I got over that after the first time she wore it. She is so gorgeous I wish she would wear something more fitting and less poufy.

Anna Faris: I actually don’t mind this dress but I think it would look way better on someone with a darker complexion. This dress completely washes Anna out with her pale skin and blonde hair.

Mayim Bialik: Green looks great on Mayim, but this dress DOES NOT. I don’t think this dress would look good on anybody who isn’t in a parade, and it certainly does not do anything for the “Big Bang Theory” actress. The random flowers? trees? moss? that is detailed around the dress are just bizarre. There is a reason she appeared on TLC’s “What Not to Wear.”

Lily Rabe: This dress reminds me of an over-sized T-shirt. It is not flattering on Lily and there is way too much fabric going on.

Connie Britton: Connie looks like she is wearing the cushion pillow off my couch. And what is with her polished mermaid hair? No, no, no.

Judah Friedlander: Ugh…yeah this is Judah Friedlander…he doesn’t know how to dress.

Constance Zimmer: The thing I don’t like most about Constance’s look is actually her hair. It is covering her face, too boxy and too much on a small woman. The dress itself is too busy and is to heavy on her.

Julianna Margulies: I think Julianna looks very fresh and pretty. Her hair and makeup are beautiful, but this dress does nothing for her. It is too pulled away from her body and the detailing cheapens the whole look.

Heidi Klum: This dress would have been way better without the cobra-esque neck piece.

Carla Gugino: Great color, bad cut outs. These sheer cut outs are placed awkwardly on the dress resulting into staring at the boob cleavage.

Sandrine Holt: Sandrine’s hair is out of control, it needs to be more tamed first of all because it’s the first thing I see. This dress is not appealing and looks like someone ran a pair of scissors up the bottom of the dress.

Betsy Brandt: If that hair doesn’t say bride of Frankenstein, I don’t know what does. To top it all off this dress looks like it was washed in mud then some sparkles were added.



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