Miley Cyrus

I know I am a bit behind in rejoicing the news over the Hemsworth/Cyrus split but…YIPPEEE!!!! Excuse me while I start planning my wedding to Liam.

Besides that tidbit of great information, seriously what the hell is wrong with Miley these days? Does anyone else feel like she is pulling an Amanda Bynes and just going all sorts of crazy?! No wonder that engagement was called off, Liam did NOT agree to a twerking, weird hair, sludge hammer licking, tongue sticking out bride. Nuh uh.

The transformation Miley has gone through before our very eyes is unbelievable. I am not just talking about her Hannah Montana days, no, I’m talking about a beautiful, sophisticated, glamorous young girl (who smoked weed- fine whatever) but who really was someone to watch for in terms of talents, and fashion. Although we do tend to watch her for her talents (which is no longer singing, it is “things I can do with my tongue”) and her outrageous outfits.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and look at some of my favorite Miley Cyrus outfits (pre twerking):

I love this particular outfit on Miley. It showcases her feistier, sexier side, but is still very classy and grow up. The white button down suit is very in and very sophisticated, and those shoes are killer! I love her hair this length, although her hair could be a little less messy!

I mean the difference in her face alone is crazy. In this picture she looks happy, bright, and beautiful- lately that is not the case! This fun orange dress looked great on Miley, I loved the high-low skirt.

Even her very casual, running errands looks were cute. Here Miley is spotted wearing her famous “Miley bun” which was adorable, and she just looks cool and comfortable.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

We can clearly see that Miley is into the rocker-chic look- and this outfit is unreal and says all that without us questioning “wtf?” I loved her hair this color it was amazing on her, and it really brought out her eyes!!

Girl really did have the best hair, and now it’s horrible. She just looks so good!!

Now that’s a beautiful looking couple. I love love love Miley’s hair and she looks classy and sexy at the same time. Killing it.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

This is my all time favorite Miley look. She looks so old Hollywood glam. I cannot picture anyone wearing this dress or that hair and look as beautiful and glamorous and she did here. This really does make me sad that she is no longer this gorgeous bombshell of a young woman.


Now, let’s refresh your memory of how Miley looks now:

It really is a sad situation for those who really did love Miley, like myself. Not only has she physically changed, but her outrageous transformation in behaviour has made her level of talent go way down- as we were able to see/hear at the 2013 Video Music Awards.

Silver lining, Liam Hemsworth wont be getting married anytime soon. Sigh.



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