My Nucerity Story


I have been an independent distributor with the amazing international company Nucerity for just over a year now. Although, I only started to work my business about 5 months ago.

I love this business, the people behind it, the product and better yet what this opportunity has done for me, and what it will do for me in the future.

I thought it would be interesting to tell my story of how I got involved in the company.

So, basically just over a year ago my aunt called me or sent me a message and said I am so excited I have started this home business and I am having a business launch next Tuesday, can you make it. My first thought was “ugh, not another one of these things.” I was constantly getting approached with invites and sales pitches from multiple companies and I WAS the last person in the world to ever get involved in one. If it was anybody else but my aunt I would have ignored them. But, since it was her asking me and she was clearly excited, I told her I would go if I wasn’t busy. Turns out I wasn’t.

Within 10 minutes of the presentation given at her launch party I was grasping on to every word and thought this product is so cool, I have never seen anything like this. Once the presentation was done I met the woman who had signed my aunt as a distributor, and who was hosting her business launch. She told me she’d been using this flagship product “Skincerity” for a month. She had horrible acne, scars, craters in her face and had multiple laser surgery with no success. She showed me a picture on her phone and said this was me a month ago. My jaw dropped. She clearly still had scars on her face but it was night and day compared to the picture. By this time, the layer of this magic mask that they had rolled on my skin when I first came to the launch was peeling up, so I took it off and couldn’t believe how my skin felt. I also noticed my aunt’s skin was looking amazing, and she had only been using it for 2 weeks. Basically, I was sold. I signed up as a distributor that night.

Now, at first, the only reason I signed up as a distributor was to get this awesome product for the distributors price. I figured between being a full time student, basically having a full time job, plus having a life I couldn’t do this business, although I was very supportive of the actual company. My aunt was basically in the same boat I was, she had tried to work the business a little bit but basically talked the product to death and approached it all wrong. About 6 months in we met up with other distributors who signed on after us and were already very successful. They explained to us you can work this business as little or as much as you like (depending on what you want to make money wise.) Once you learn the tools it comes to naturally and it is so simple. So, that is when I (along with my aunt) decided to give this business a try, learn what needs to be learnt and put it to work. What an amazing choice I made. I wish I had done this off the bat because I will never go back. This company, and my group of Nucerity family is amazing!!

Right now there are 5 products in the Nucerity family (perhaps a 6th and final in the near future.)

Unlike other companies we don’t have to buy thousands of dollars of product, have parties, buy product that you cannot sell or have so many different products that you can’t keep up.


Skincerity: The company can survive off this product. It is the world’s only breathable barrier. It locks in your skin’s natural moisture but creates microscopic pores that allows your skin to breath. It is marketed as an anti-aging product but it works amazing on tons of skin care conditions: acne, scars, wrinkles, burns, bug bites, heeling tattoos, rosacea etc. It’s magic in a bottle. Personally, it has cleared my acne on my forehead and I will forever be grateful. 5 minute video on the flagship product:


Eye Effects: Another product that transforms your skin. This amazing little bottle does three important things: diminishes and prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, decreases puffiness and under-eye bags and reduces the appearance of dark circles. This is my team leader who has helped me so much in this business. She is our walking, talking marketing tool. She only uses eye effects on one of her eyes. Amazing results!


Rejuvenating Barrier: I use this in the morning after I have washed off my Skincerity, and before I put on my makeup. It prevents against harmful lights and is the best damn toner I have ever used. It makes my makeup last all day without any re-applying of foundation, cover-up and bronzer.

Satin Serum: I looooove this stuff. I use it at night after I have washed off my makeup, right before I put on my Skincerity. It feels amazing. A few months ago I was reading the bottle and it said put on damaged skin. I have had a dry patch below my hair line on my neck for 9 years and I have used every derma logical recommended product out there and it never went away. So I figured what the heck, I’ll try it out before bed. The next morning, I kid you not, it was completely gone. For the first time in 9 years it was gone- I had to show my mom, my dad, everyone I knew.

Body Silk: This is a product that I use for so many random things. From my hair to my toes. I use it when my hair is dry and staticy, it’s amazing. I use it in my extensions so that they do not dry out, it is the most amazing thing for cuticles, I use it as a moisturizer for my hands and feet and elbows and I put a dab on my finger, brush my eyelashes, let it dry and put mascara on and I will never buy fake eyelashes again.

Body Silk


This company is amazing, and is something that I will have forever- because it is my own.

If interested please email or visit my website

Here is a 5 minute business overview video: 


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