Venice Film Festival 2013: Worst Dressed

There seemed to be a pattern this year at the film festival with best and worst dressed. It seems a majority of the people who made it on our best dressed list. turned around and wore an awful outfit another time during the event and made the worst dressed list!! Here they are:

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Mia Wasikowska: After Mia stunned in her Nina Ricci gown, I was left very disappointed with this outfit. Her skirt does not do anything for her figure- it makes her look a lot wider and frumpier. Those shoes are driving me nuts! They remind me of those sandals you wear when you’re a little kid.

Gabrielle Union: This dress looked too big on Gabrielle- it took over her body and looked like drapery. I wish she would have tailored her dress better because the actual patter and colors are very nice. Those shoes are way too clunky especially because it looks like she is wearing so much material!

Francesca Cavallin: Francesca could have looked amazing with a few tweaks. Without that random scarf neck piece, this dress could have been really pretty and Greek goddess like. Her makeup is way too dark- her lipstick is so dark that her lips are disappearing. Finally, her hair looks like it is styled into a mushroom cut!!

Daniel Radcliffe: When I first saw Daniel’s outfit I thought wow what a great jacket! Awesome color, looks great with that tie…woah woah…wait what the heck are those?! Army pants. What? First of all those pants don’t even match what he’s wearing, second…why are you wearing army pants at an event like this? Or at any time? Yikes.

Tom Hardy: Tom looks like he is a grown man trying to be a 15 year old boy. He looks sloppy and un-kept (which is unusual for him) and what the heck is with that t-shirt? On top of that, why is he carrying headphones around? Stick to the suits Tom.

Frieda Pinto: The beautiful actress failed to please in this dress. The collar looks like it was accidently bleached and just does not look good.

Carrie Fisher: This dress is too much on Carrie. It does not fit her properly AT ALL, and her shoes are just not right for anything.

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